10 Best Apple Juice Brands to Buy 2022

Apple juice is a favorite drink of many people. This is not only a delicious and refreshing drink but also brings a lot of health benefits. Apples are rich in fiber, high in antioxidants, vitamin C, low in calories, are extremely healthy fruits, and are especially good for the skin.

In today’s article, we will help you understand what apple juice is for as well as a list of the best apple juice brands for you to choose from.

Is Apple  Juice Really That Healthy?

The nutritional composition of apples includes: calories, water, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals. So apple juice is really good for health. Drinking apple juice regularly will do many wonders for your health, which we will list below.

#1 Cleanse the liver

The alkalinity of apple juice helps to maintain the body’s pH level, and at the same time, cleans the wastes accumulated in the liver, making the liver healthier. Besides, the pectin present in apple juice can also help you maintain a healthy digestive system.

#2 Increase immunity

If you often suffer from infections or allergies due to a weakened immunity, apple juice is an effective solution to help prevent this problem. Add a cup of apple juice to your daily diet to improve immunity, help you stay away from symptoms of infections, allergies, and prevent many other diseases.

#3 Support weight loss

If you drink apple juice regularly and reasonably, weight will no longer be a concern. The reason is because, the amount of fat in apples is very little, almost none. In addition, the apple is also low in protein, so the calorie intake is not significant.

In addition, apple juice contains a small amount of malic acid. This is a very effective fat burning and slimming agent. Moreover, in this type of water also contains a lot of fiber that makes you feel full for a long time and effectively suppresses cravings.

#4 Good for heart

The abundant antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids found in apple juice are especially beneficial for heart health. Besides, apple juice is also rich in potassium, one of the important minerals for the heart.

#5 Good for skin and hair

Thanks to the abundance of vitamin C, apple juice becomes a panacea for skin and hair. It works to help protect skin cells from premature aging, while helping to neutralize toxins to give women a bright, vibrant skin.

In addition, apple juice also has the ability to remove dandruff very effectively, helping your hair become smooth and shiny. You just need to use this water to wash your hair and gently massage for 5 to 10 minutes a day to get amazing results.

How to Choose the Best Apple Juice?

In fact, what is 100% pure natural is mostly good. The same goes for fresh fruit juices. But if you don’t have a lot of time for preparing juice at home, then choosing canned fruit juice is also a good choice.

When choosing canned juice, you should choose brands that can meet the criteria below.

#1 No Added Sugars or Preservatives

Sugar is a spice that makes food sweet, delicious, and fragrant. However, using a lot of sugar will cause an increase in energy in the diet, if excess will cause overweight and obesity.

Besides, eating a lot of fast-absorbing sugar also increases blood glucose and disrupts sugar tolerance. This is one of the causes of type 2 diabetes. Sugar only provides energy, without vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

So you should only choose apple juice brands that do not add sugar or any additives to enhance the taste of the product. Natural sugars found in foods like fruits and vegetables are healthy foods that contain water, fiber, and other micronutrients.

#2 100% Natural Ingredients

Today there are many for-profit fruit juice brands that use only 5-10% pure fruit juice, the rest being sugar, additives and water. So brands that offer juice from 100% natural apples will be the first choice if you do not want to harm your health.

In addition, a natural juice from real apples will definitely be worth your money.

#3 Form of Squeezing – Cold Pressed

Cold pressing is the process of extracting nutrient-rich juices from fruit and vegetable products. The pressing process will use cold hydraulics to avoid heat generation during juice extraction. This makes cold pressed juice different from regular juices.

Cold pressing uses completely natural cold pressing technology, no preservatives. When refrigerated, the juice can be used within 72 hours but still retains its delicious taste, with more enzymes, minerals and vitamins than other conventional juices.

In addition, with high-pressure processing technology, cold pressing can also destroy spoilage bacteria or pathogens without causing any impact on nutritional quality.

#4 Organic Brand

You may not know it, but apples are one of the most contaminated fruits. The amount of pesticides found in some apples is alarmingly high. Even after peeling, this amount of pesticide is still very dangerous if consumed by humans.

That’s why we always recommend choosing organic apple juice brands. Organic products are always safe, grown with special methods to help fruit grow naturally without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Since then, these apples have also been developed in a safe environment, minimizing harmful agents to the health of consumers.

We also highly recommend the brands that grow their own organic apples, ensuring the cleanest and safest source of ingredients.

#5 Pasteurize

Pasteurization is a heat treatment process that destroys pathogenic microorganisms in certain foods and drinks to ensure absolute sterility. This treatment also kills spoilage microorganisms and prolongs the shelf life of the product without the use of preservatives.

We always recommend choosing apple juice brands that use this method when bottling their bottles. Manufacturers using this method often bottle apple juice in a glass bottle. Moreover, apple juice stored in glass bottles will also retain its freshness and taste better than when stored in other types of bottles.

Busy should choose glass apple juice bottles instead of bottles made of BPA, BPS or DEHP. These types of compounds can leach into apple juice and be harmful to health.

My Reviews For The Best Apple Juice Brands 2022

#1 Apple & Eve [Amazon.com]

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Apple & Eve was founded in 1975 by Gordon Crane, with headquarters in the United States. It is the 4th largest juice producer and distributor in the world.

This brand owns a lot of fruit juice products, in which there are two typical and most popular flavors: apple and cranberry.

The company has always pledged that their juice products are 100% fruit-based and sugar-free. And this apple juice brands USA will bring positive improvements to your family’s health.

#2 Simply [www.target.com]


Simply is also one of the safe apple juice brands that you should add to your priority list. This brand was launched in 2001 and is headquartered in Apopka, Florida. It is one of the leading brands owned by The Coca Cola Company.

Simply’s main ingredients come from Brazil and Florida. In recent years, the brand’s revenue has always hovered around $800 million. They always provide the safest and most secure juices for consumers.

#3 Langers [Amazon.com]

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Langer’s Company was founded in 1960 by Mr. Nathen Langer and to this day, the company is still owned by the Langer family. Langer fruit juices come in a variety of delicious flavors: orange, apple, grape, pomegranate, and a tropical blend. They are rich in nutrients, especially vitamins, minerals, and many powerful antioxidants.

This brand’s apple juice is made from absolutely fresh apples, with no added sugar or food coloring. It also does not contain gluten or any harmful substances.

#4 Minute Maid [www.walmart.com]


It can be said that Minute Maid is a big juice brand and this brand is extremely famous. Minute Maid’s juice products were introduced in 1945, with headquarters located in Sugar Land, Texas, US. The brand is present in more than 30 countries globally with prominent markets such as Spain, Netherlands, India, Iran, France.

Minute Maid apple juice is made from real apples, with no additives. It is loved by generations for its delicious and healthy taste.

#5 Mott’s [www.walmart.com]


Mott’s is one of the oldest brands, it has been around since 1842 and has grown to this day. The brand’s founder is a New York apple grower, and uses techniques he learned from his grandfather to create the freshest juices.

Mott’s apple juice is very clear, and it is beautifully squeezed from healthy, plump apples. The manufacturer stocks this healthy juice in different sized jars. So customers always have the right choice for them.

#6 Tropicana [Amazon.com]

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Tropicana is a brand with widespread worldwide coverage. Their apple juice is distributed to more than 65 countries and is a top favorite in many regions. Tropicana is owned by PepsiCo and has its headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The juice of this brand is both a refreshing drink with a delicious taste and a source of Vitamin C you need every day. It contains no harmful substances, and is completely safe.

#7 Martinelli’s [www.target.com]


Martinelli’s is a name that deserves to appear on any list of healthy apple juice brands. In which, Martinelli’s Gold Medal apple juice is their most outstanding product.

This attractive pure apple juice from the USA has a mild and characteristic apple flavor. The special taste of apple juice will make the drinker feel refreshed and quite refreshing.

In particular, non-carbonated juice makes it easy for drinkers to enjoy and is suitable for those who do not like drinks with high concentrations.

#8 Ocean Spray [Amazon.com]

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Established in 1930, Ocean Spray is a fairly popular juice brand and it is still growing. The brand owns orchards in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, Washington and a few in other countries like Canada and Chile. Therefore, their juices are always made from fruits of clear origin and do not contain dangerous substances.

Ocean Spray’s apple juice always has a special taste, it is more attractive when combined with some other fruits. Manufacturers offer different sizes, but still contain the necessary amount of vitamins for each day.

#9 Lakewood [Amazon.com]

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When it comes to organic apple juice brands, it is definitely impossible to ignore the cult name Lakewood. This apple juice brands have brought consumers around the world the purest and most nutritious products.

With a closed, modern production line and advanced technologies, the input is super clean organic fruits, Lakewood ensures to provide pure organic juice products. Every step from fruit screening, pressing is done in a hygienic environment, in glass bottles, absolutely sterile. To ensure natural quality, all Lakewood organic fruit juices are produced only according to the season of each fruit.

#10 365 by Whole Foods Market [Amazon.com]

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365 by Whole Foods Market is also an organic apple juice brand that customers can trust to use their products. This brand’s apple juice has a natural sweetness from 10-12 100% pure fresh fruits in each bottle, which is completely different from the popular concentrated juice diluted juices on the market.

Gluten-free formula; does not contain GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, toxic herbicides or growth regulators; no preservatives; non-allergenic. Products are certified organic by the world’s most prestigious organization, USDA.

The product uses modern cold-pressing technology to keep the nutrients from fresh organic fruits without losing enzymes and nutrients. Cold pressing technology minimizes the oxidation process, does not reduce the quality of the product. 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Juices are always fresh, rich in nutrients, and all-natural in flavor and color.

Final Verdict

While not as good as natural apple juice, bottled apple juice isn’t quite as bad as many people think. It is important that you choose a brand of apple juice that is safe, has a healthy juice formula and does not contain harmful substances.

In addition, do not overdo apple juice but eat other vegetables. Do not drink too much apple juice during the day or at the same time. You should only drink 1 glass of apple juice, no more than 500ml per day.