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Best Boning Knife For Chicken 2021 [Review]: How to Store Boning Knife Properly?

Just like a fish fillet knife, no matter what a home or professional chef needs a boning knife. The best boning knife will help you separate the meat from the bone quickly and easily compared to other knives.

And a boning knife for chicken is just like any other boning knife, it will help you separate the chicken from the bones much more professionally. But there are plenty of options on the market and you probably won’t pick the right one.

Below is a list of the best boning knife for chicken that we have compiled, hope it helps you.


Top 8 Best Boning Knife For Chicken 2021 [Review]

#1 Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Boning Knife (Editor’s Choice)

Victorinox is a famous brand and they own a lot of quality products. And this boning knife from them is a popular choice for many home cooks as well as chefs in restaurants.

This boning knife does a great job and it also comes at a reasonable price. Its blades are made of high carbon stainless steel, with extremely high strength, corrosion and rust resistance. You can comfortably sharpen this blade many times without affecting its lifespan.

This blade is also very versatile as it can penetrate layers of meat quickly. It has enough sharpness to separate meat in one cut for a smoother, precise cut.

The handle has the right curve, providing comfortable grip and making it easier to control. It is also made of a durable material that can last a long time.

#2 LedgeON 6″ Professional Boning Knife (High Quality)

If you are looking for a high quality boning knife for your kitchen, this is the ideal choice. This knife stands out among a multitude of other options thanks to its amazing quality.

It undergoes many quality checks so that the final product reaches the customer with the best quality. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel, this is a premium material and is the most appreciated.

This blade is forged and specially processed to retain its sharpness as well as not wear out when sharpened many times. You also don’t need to worry about this blade’s rust resistance.

In addition, the handle made of super fine wood is not only durable but also brings a luxurious, high-grade look to this boning knife. This ultra-fine wood handle holds the hand very firmly, it is fixed with the blade by 3 studs.

#3 Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Inch Flexible Boning Knife (Santoprene Handle)

Mercer Culinary is also a brand known for its quality cutlery. This boning knife from them is one of the most popular boning knives today and it also appears in many kitchens.

This knife can separate the chicken from the bone easily and professionally. It can also separate meat from the bones of a variety of meats, not just poultry.

The blade is forged by German technology so it has a remarkable lifespan. It can effectively resist wear and is definitely not to rust.

Besides, santoprene handle has a simple design but makes it comfortable to hold. This handle is also not easily destroyed by kitchen temperature or repeatedly dropped.

#4 Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged Japanese Boning Knife (Lifetime Limited Warranty)

This is an extremely quality stainless steel boning knife from Ginsu. This Japanese boning knife is not only good quality but also comes with a lifetime warranty.

It measures 11.5 x 1 x 1 inches, it can be either a boning knife or a fillet knife. This knife is very sharp and can cut the chicken accurately and decisively. It also has a pointed tip to easily penetrate thick flesh.

This knife is anti-stick, anti-wear and anti-rust. So you can rest assured it will stay in its original shape no matter how long you have been using this knife.

However, the stainless steel handle is quite slippery and it also has no curves that are favorable for holding. So you have to be very careful when your hands are greasy.

#5 HENCKELS Forged Premio Boning Knife (Plastic Handle)

This is a boning knife made in Spain and if you want to give your kitchen a breath, don’t miss it.

This boning knife has a narrow and sharp stainless steel blade. It is 5.5 inches long and can easily separate the flesh from the bones. It is also not easy to chipped if you accidentally cut the bone thanks to the special forging formula.

It has a handle made of plastic that reduces pressure on the wrist and reduces the overall weight of this boning knife. That means you can more easily control and manipulate.

The handle is firmly fixed to the blade by rivets. So you do not need to worry about the handle falling out after a period of use.

#6 DALSTRONG Shogun Series Boning Knife (Alloy Steel)

If you have to regularly handle heavy workloads, this boning knife from DALSTRONG is definitely the most suitable product for you. This knife has the highest performance and the most powerful on our list.

This knife has a long blade and is very hard. It is made of alloy steel so it is very durable and not easily destroyed. So it can handle heavy duty work without compromising on quality or longevity.

This knife is also easy to store and sharpen. It will retain its original shape no matter how many sharpening sessions it takes.

Besides, the handle is made of high quality material, anti-slip and comfortable to hold.

#7 Global 6.25″ Boning Knife (Lightweight)

If you have weak wrist strength, this lightweight boning knife from Global will definitely satisfy you. All knives are made of stainless steel, making its durability unquestionable.

The blade is long, narrow and very versatile. It has a sharp edge, easy to sharpen and clean. It is also resistant to wear and rust.

The handle has dimples, which both increase the friction in the grip, and prevent water condensation. It has a very light weight so you can easily control it.

#8 Wusthof 4603 Boning Knife (Traditional Look)

Wusthof is a reputable brand and they own a lot of quality cutlery. This boning knife too, it is a versatile knife, good quality and comes at a reasonable price.

This Dao has a traditional look and that’s a big plus for many people. Lots of people love the traditional look and this boning knife gives them that familiar feeling.

Besides, the long and narrow blade allows you to quickly and easily separate the meat from the bones. This blade is made from stainless steel and it is very hard, highly durable.

The handle made of highly-durable polyoxymethylene is fixed to the blade through 3 studs. This grip is also designed with curves for a more comfortable grip and easier to control.

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How to Store Boning Knife Properly?

Everyone wants their boning knives to be able to last a long time and maintain the original quality. However, not everyone knows how to maintain the sharpness and durability of their knife.

It is not too difficult to maintain and store a boning knife properly, you just need to take a few small notes and keep doing them, your boning knife will last much longer.

Here are some notes that you should put a lot of considerations into to keep your boning knife always sharp and durable.

#1 Cleaning

You should practice yourself the habit of washing the knife immediately after using it, dry it with a clean towel and then put it away. This is a good habit, and it is also very simple to implement but greatly contributes to the durability of boning knives.

If your boning knife comes with a holster or any safety cover, insert a boning knife into that holster when you are not using the knife.

Note: when cleaning the knife, you should use a scratch-resistant sponge to clean it. Avoid using materials that scratch the blade.

Should I wash knives with a dishwasher?

Absolutely do not wash boning knife  in a dishwasher or soak them in water. Because of this, the handle of the knife will loosen, making the knife difficult to use.

In addition, when you put it in the dishwasher, it can cause a shock that can damage other items and damage the blade.

#2 Tips to keep knives from rusting

To prevent the knife from rusting, you can use a little oil or ginger to apply it to the surface of the blade, or you can soak the knife in water to wash the rice.

If your boning knife shows rust, you can use onions, potatoes or lemon juice to vigorously rub the surface of the rusty area. Then clean the knife with clean water and dry as usual.

#3 Exposure temperature

One thing that affects the life of the knife at least is the contact temperature. Never use boning knives directly over an open flame or dry in the sun to dry them out in the sun.

This heat exposure will affect the quality of the forged steel, causing it to lose water and become damaged quickly. You can dry boning knife simply by wiping it clean with a dry towel.

Final Verdict

A boning knife is essential in every kitchen, and you will find its great benefit when you want to separate the chicken from the bones. There are many types of boning knives on the market and you need to consider carefully before choosing any one.

Proper maintenance and maintenance of boning knives will also help you to keep the quality and longevity of boning knives stable.

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