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Best Carbon Steel Fillet Knife vs Stainless Steel Knife 2021 [Review]: Which One Is Better?

The carbon steel fillet knife and stainless steel knife are the two most popular options today. If you are hesitant about these two options then you are not alone, there are many people just like you. And don’t worry we’re here to help you make a decision right away.

We have spent a lot of time researching these two fillet knives and compared the best carbon steel fillet knives vs stainless steel knives to make a list of the best products. Here is our objective review.

Top 5 Best Carbon Steel Fillet Knife & Stainless Steel Knife 2021 [Review]

#1 Mercer Culinary Millennia Narrow Fillet Knife (Editor’s Choice)

Mercer Culinary is a reputable cutlery manufacturer and you can count on products from them. This high carbon steel from them not only has excellent quality, but also has surprising durability.

With Japanese fillet knife technology, the manufacturer confidently brings the best user experience. It has a durable and sharp high carbon steel blade, you can absolutely sharpen it like any other knife.

Santoprene handles are not only surprisingly durable, but also comfortable to hold. The handle also features curves for a firmer, more relaxed grip.

We have used this fillet knife on fish, chicken, beef, and pork. We also use it to cut bread and surprisingly it works well with all of those ingredients.

Overall, this Japanese fillet knife is very quality and safe. It also comes at a decent price.

#2 Victorinox – 47602 Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Knife (Swiss Quality)

This is the best stainless steel fillet knife on our review and it will surely satisfy you. Victorinox is a well known and highly respected manufacturer.

This fillet knife is of Swiss quality and technology, it appears very popular in both home cooks and professional kitchens. It can work with a variety of ingredients, and can even work well with frozen meat and fish.

This stainless steel fillet knife is specially formulated forged for outstanding longevity and best performance. It can withstand great pressure and impacts from the environment and time.

This knife is also designed for comfort and safety for the user to operate. It also has good balance and is easy to maneuver.

#3 Henckels Zwilling J.A Fillet Knife (Boning/Fillet Knife)

Here’s another stainless steel fillet knife that you should add to your list of priorities. This fillet knife from Henckels is a popular design among skilled chefs and homecooks. It is also the choice of many fishermen.

The specialty of this fillet knife is its surprising performance. This long and sharp 7 inch blade can work continuously and for long without regular sharpening. That is also the reason why many fishermen (including us, non-fishermen) love it.

The handle of this fillet knife is made of polypropylene, which is highly durable, does not easily destroy and is well machined with the blade. It also has a sufficient amount to provide a good balance for the overall knife.

#4 WÜSTHOF Classic 7 Inch Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath (High Performance)

The name WÜSTHOF is well known in the industry and their products range from professional to amateur kitchens. That is also the reason why we chose to study this product and were amazed by its quality and especially its performance.

WÜSTHOF has made a very careful and detailed presentation of this German fillet knife and so we will only highlight its highlights that we like best.

First, the manufacturer uses a high carbon stainless steel block that goes through a special forging formula to make the blade. This blade has good curvature, sharpness and can withstand a lot of great pressure. Rust resistant, heat resistant and do not need to be sharpened repeatedly.

This fillet knife is also safe for use with a dishwasher, however we do not recommend that you do so.

This knife has a traditional design, the handle is fixed with the blade through 3 studs. It’s pretty solid but we’re not sure if these studs will fall off after a long period of use. We also love that this knife comes with a quality leather sheath.

#5 Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet (Best Budget)

For those on a tight budget we highly recommend this fillet knife from Rapala. It is very reasonably priced compared to the quality and it also comes in a variety of sizes to choose from.

It is also an ideal choice for fishermen who travel a lot. We consider it the best stainless steel fillet on the go, it is more suitable for travel than stationary in a professional kitchen.

The stainless steel blade is very durable, sharp and doesn’t take much effort to maintain. You can sharpen it many times without having to worry about reducing the life of the knife.

Anti-slip soft molded handle allows you to control it securely even with wet hands. The overall weight of the knife is quite light, allowing you to carry it around your waist or put it in the inventory without taking up a lot of space. It also comes with a black bezel for you to carry with you safely.

Besides, this fillet knife also comes with a sharpener so you can sharpen your knife on the go. It is a good plus for fishermen who are often off the mainland.

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What is the Difference Between Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel?

Knife steel has many types, divided into 2 main groups: stainless steel and high carbon steel. Each type has its own pros and cons.

#Stainless steel

You can easily come across stainless material when learning about knives and survival tools. Definition of stainless steel is an alloying material composed of two main elements, Iron and Carbon, along with some additional elements such as chromium, cobalt, nickel, molybdenum, manganese, tungsten, vanadium.

Stainless steel does not have to have the full range of the above ingredients, but depending on the needs, the use of the knife will have different proportions of elements.

#High Carbon steel

High Carbon steel is also a common steel in fillet knives, or survival knives. Previously, carbon steel was made up of two main components: iron and carbon, in addition to other elemental elements such as manganese, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorus.

#The biggest difference

Carbon steel has a higher hardness than stainless steel, but it is more susceptible to oxidation than stainless steel because it does not contain antioxidant supporting metal elements.

However, today, people have researched to add rust-resistant complementary metals to Carbon steel, helping High Carbon steel to prevent rust.

However, in general, the level of rust resistance of High Carbon steel is not high because the advantage of this steel is its hardness, if combined with many other auxiliary components, it will lose its inherent characteristics.

So between carbon steel and stainless steel, we appreciate the stainless steel fillet knives more. Stainless steel fillet knives have slightly more durability and performance than those made from carbon steel.

How To Properly Store The Fillet Knife?

Overall if the knife is made from stainless steel or carbon steel, then you can rest assured that if stored properly there is nothing to worry about.

Why does the knife rust?

If there is only iron with oxygen in the air, rusting takes place only at high temperatures. However, in the environment with high humidity, moisture particles (water vapor) will cling to the surface of the knife, making the rusting process even under normal conditions.

If the knife was stored without drying it, it was inadvertently supplied with water to make the rusting happen faster.

Some notes during the use and storage of knives made from stainless/carbon steel:

– About use: Use the knife for the right purpose.

– Regarding hygiene: Clean knives clean after use and dry them before storing. Especially when using knives to cut oxidized objects such as lemons, etc, or let the knife come into contact with seawater, the knife must be cleaned thoroughly before storing.

– About storage: Knives before storing should be dried and stored in a dry place.

To limit rust, you can use preservative oil applied to the knife joint and blade to prevent the knife from direct contact with oxygen and moisture in the air, preventing rust from occurring.

In addition to preservative oil you can use any similar oil, in the case of a food cutter you can use cooking oil to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Note: Before using preservative oil, dry the knife (Because the oil is lighter than water, if you do not dry the knife, the water will still contact directly with the blade leading to risk of rust).

For High Carbon steel – steel with low rust resistance, we also use the above preservation. However, it may be a while when not in use, you will encounter a brown rust on the surface of the knife.

If you store it properly, the rust can be easily wiped off by oil or oil.

Final Verdict

Finding the right fillet knife will make your job a lot easier. But choosing the right knife is not an easy task if you do not take the time to learn about it.

If after reading this article you are still hesitant, take a little more time to come up with the criteria you want in a best fillet knife. Believe us, it will pay off!

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