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Best Low Carb Tortillas(Reviews 2021) – What’s wrong with original tortillas?

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If you’re on a diet or have made a conscious decision to eat healthier you might be missing some of your favorite foods. However, being healthy certainly doesn’t mean that food is no longer delicious – anything but. Tailoring your favorite recipes with some low-calorie alternatives is a sure fire way to keep you engaged with your diet and it really is easier than you think. In this article, we take a look at low carb tortillas – why they are going down a storm in the keto diet, how you can make them (along with some tasty recipe ideas), as well as covering all of the tools you need to create the healthiest tortillas around.

What’s wrong with original tortillas?

Have you ever looked at how many carbs there are in a corn tortilla? Or even how many carbs there are in a flour tortilla? Traditionally the argument has been between what is better for you, a corn tortilla or a flour tortilla? In fact, corn tortillas contain over 50% fewer carbs than flour tortillas so for many opting for low carb corn tortillas is the first step in reducing calorie consumption.

However, a corn tortilla still contains 8g of carbs which, for those of you on a low carb diet, can constitute almost a fifth of your carb intake for the day. Plus, we all know that no-one ever just has one tortilla so helping yourself to 3 or 4 can almost take you up to your carb limit for the day. For many, this seems like wasted carbs especially when there is a low carb alternative out there that is no less delicious.

Why eat low carb tortillas?

Step in the low carb tortilla! There are a whole host of benefits to be found from choosing a low carb diet and the low carb tortilla means you can do this without having to say goodbye to quesadillas, fajitas, and the many other delights that are made all the better with a tortilla. Here, we outline some of the main reasons people swear by a low carb diet and why to eat low carb tortillas:

#1 Stable blood sugar & insulin levels

The compound that has the most impact on our body’s blood sugar and insulin levels is the humble carbohydrate. As a result, eating low carb goods can help people struggling with high sugar levels helping to prevent the development of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart issues. A low carb diet is an effective way to take control of your blood sugar and insulin levels!

#2 To lose weight

The effect of cutting out carbs in terms of weight loss gained huge prominence with the Atkins diet which turned out to have some major deficiencies with its focus on lots of red meat but the underlying principles regarding cutting down carbs were right. When we cut down carbs in our diet it is much easier to lose weight, not least because it reduces our appetite when we eat less carbs. A large range of studies, including one involving 68,000 participants, have shown those with a low carb diet also tend to lose more weight thanks to ketosis (see below).

#3 For stronger muscles

A low carb diet typically leads to an increase in protein as low carb products tend to contain a lot of this. One by-product of this switch is that your body is better equipped to build muscles and to retain muscle strength. The increased protein is a major contributor to the reduced appetite caused by a low carb diet but ensures your muscle mass is maintained.

#4 Improved cardiovascular health

Low carb diets can be beneficial for people with cardiovascular health problems as they lower triglyceride levels in many people – these are known to be a huge risk factor for people with heart disease. As an added plus your body even gets a boost of good cholesterol.

#5 Wellbeing

Recent research is even linking low carb diets with improved mood and overall well-being, another incentive for reducing your carb intake and opting for a low carb tortilla. More research is needed in this area but the initial results are promising.

What is ketosis?

The Ketogenic diet is a low carb diet with the aim of the diet being to burn unwanted fat by making the body to draw on fat reserves for energy, rather than carbohydrates. Ketosis refers to the metabolic process that the body goes through when it does not have enough glucose for energy and uses fat instead. The result is a build-up of ketones in the body.

Before opting for a low carb diet it is important to explore whether or not it is right for you – consider consulting your doctor about the pros and cons of a low carb diet and what you might need to be aware of in terms of your health.

Best healthy store-bought low carb tortillas

You might not have time to make your own and are looking for the healthiest store-bought tortillas around. Fortunately, you can have low carb tortillas delivered directly to your door meaning making your favorite recipes is even easier. Check out these delicious wraps:

#1 Best store-bought low carb tortillas: Mama Lupe Low Carb Tortillas Pack of 2

Finding a low carb alternative to your favorite dishes can be tricky and when you’re short of time cooking up a fresh homemade tortilla may be the last thing on your mind. Having a stock of Mama Lupe’s low carb tortillas in your cupboard is definitely a good idea if you live a fast lifestyle yet want to stay healthy.

Containing only 3 net carbs per tortilla and absolutely no sugar these tortillas are a great choice if you are following the Keto diet. You will be surprised how much these low carb tortillas taste just like regular ones – same taste but a whole lot fewer carbs. Whether you want to make a delicious avocado and salad filled wrap or you fancy starting the day with a tortilla themed breakfast you won’t be disappointed with these tasty tortillas.

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#2 Best low carb taco flour tortillas: Mission carb balance tortillas

If ordering a pack of ready-made low carb tortillas online sounds up your street then check out these delicious tortillas by Mission. With 8 in a pack, they are great value for money and come in a completely sealed packet their freshness is guaranteed. Containing just 6g of net carbohydrates per wrap these are a perfect supplement to a low carb meal, plus they don’t contain any sugar and are a great source of fiber.

Whether you fancy a reviving low carb potato breakfast burrito, a spicy spinach and avocado lunchtime wrap or a feta and tomato Quesadilla for your dinner these tortillas are the perfect base. With these low carb tortillas from Mission, you can eat guilt free and follow the diet you planned whilst not going hungry. A real store cupboard staple.

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#3 Best whole wheat low carb tortilla: La Tortilla Factory low carb whole wheat tortillas

A firm favorite amongst those following a low carb diet are these tasty whole wheat tortillas from La Tortilla Factory. High in protein but low on carbs (just 3 grams per tortilla) these tortillas will help to keep you full whilst maintaining your low carb diet. If you love Mexican food these low carb tortillas are a great alternative and will help you to make your favorite Mexican dishes with a significant carb reduction.

These tortillas are also a great source of fiber so a great contribution to a healthy diet. With a pack of these in your cupboard, you can make a quick and healthy dinner when you return from work – be it spicy peppers with yogurt or even a Greek salad wrap. These tortillas really are a blank canvas and the opportunities for recipes are endless.

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How to make your own low carb tortillas

Have you thought about making your own low carb tortillas but you don’t know where to start? This recipe is incredibly simple and will help to grow your confidence in experimenting with low carb meals. You will soon find this is a dinner party staple and you can impress your friends with your delicious and healthy dishes. in this post we will take you through everything you need to know to make the perfect tortilla at home and introduce you to the best tortilla presses we have found on the market.

#1 Ingredients

– 8 large egg whites

– 1/3 cup of coconut flour

– 10 tbsp water

– ¼ tsp baking powder

– ¼ tsp salt

#2 Method

– Mix together the coconut flour, baking powder, water, egg whites, and a little salt in your mixing bowl (the mixture will be quite watery).

– Heat up your skillet on the stove over quite a low heat.

– When the pan is hot spray in some cooking spray and then add a dollop of your mixture into the middle of the pan.

– Immediately tilt your skillet so that the mixture creates a thin layer across the pan.

– Cook for around 2 minutes and when you notice it start to bubble this is the time to flip it onto the other side.

– Cook on the other side for about a minute.

– Repeat all of the steps above until you are through your batter (the mixture should make around 15 low carb tortillas in total).

Best products for making low carb tortillas

Depending on the recipe you use it is likely that you will need to invest in some quality products to ensure that your low carb tortillas are as delicious as can be. All recipes will require a good quality skillet, with a top-notch skillet this will help to avoid the batter sticking to the base of the pan. You may also need a rolling pin to roll out the batter and potentially a tortilla press should the recipe require one. If you don’t want to make your tortillas the old fashioned way you might want to think about investing in a tortilla maker.

Best skillets for making low carb tortillas

#1 Best cast iron skillet for low carb tortillas: Cuisinel pre-seasoned cast iron skillet with glass lid (8 inch)

Making your low carb tortillas will be a breeze when you have this cast iron skillet from Cuisinel within your repertoire. The smooth finish ensures even heat distribution so your tortillas are cooked to perfection (with no nasty burnt bits). Plus, it also comes with a non-slip and heat resistant handle which will protect your hand from the heat whilst you are cooking.

A cast iron skillet really is an investment for your kitchen and this product from Cuisinel is one of the best. In addition to your tortilla adventures, you will find that this skillet is a great all-rounder for other cooking necessities such as frying, grilling, baking and even broiling. Purchasing this skillet is also completely risk-free as Cuisinel offer a 1-year no hassle guarantee with all of their products.

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#2 Best tortilla cook griddle: Comal heavy duty tortilla cook griddle cast iron 8-inch grill pan

If Mexican cooking is your thing and you are regularly going to be making low carb tortillas then why not invest in this perfectly shaped griddle. This griddle is 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches long end to end – it’s the perfect size and shape for a tortilla. It’s also the right size and shape for making pizzas, pancakes or frittatas too!

This cast iron griddle is certainly built to last and you will enjoy its versatility. You are also sure to love the price – at under $25 this griddle really is a bargain. With this griddle in your kitchen, it will be easy to make low carb tortillas at the drop of a hat and you will soon be cooking up delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

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#3 Best stovetop cast iron griddle: Westinghouse WFL911 select series seasoned cast iron 10 ½ inch round griddle

If you are looking for a slightly lighter griddle pan to make your tortillas then check out this stove top cast iron griddle from Westinghouse. It can be used on a stove top, broiler and you can even take it on your camping trip with you to use on the campfire. With this super versatile pan there is no excuse not to make your own low carb tortillas.

This griddle comes pre-seasoned and so you can use it straight away. Make sure you check out the maintenance instructions included to ensure the longevity of your pan. With even heat distribution and a non-stick base cooking your low carb tortillas will be super easy and you can also enjoy cooking other items on here such as pancakes. It can also be used to keep food warm if you have cooked it a little before you’re ready to eat it or serve it to your guests.

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Best electric tortilla makers for low carb tortillas

#1 Best tortilla maker for low carb tortillas: CucinaPro tortilla maker (1443) – 10 inch

If you’re serious about your tortillas and love a new gadget for your kitchen then take a look at this tortilla maker from CucinaPro. This clever tool essentially does all the work for you – all you need to do is make the dough and then this machine will flatten and bake it for you (be sure to check out the instructions first though!).

This quality machine is made out of heavyweight aluminum and has a non-stick coating so that your low carb tortillas will come out just perfect. If you’re a lover of Mexican food then this is a great gadget to have in your kitchen and will make cooking a low carb tortilla meal for all the family a whole lot easier. Be sure to note that it is not recommended to use this machine with non-gluten flours.

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#2 Best non-stick tortilla maker: Saachi SA1650 electric non-stick tortilla maker

This state of the art tortilla maker from Saachi will seriously improve your culinary experience in the kitchen. Make your low carb tortilla dough and then simply put it in between the plates, the plates then heat up quickly and have even heat distribution to make your tortillas perfectly cooked. There is also a handy thermostat which allows you to control the temperature.

Whether you want to make low carb tortillas or treat yourself to a homemade Indian meal and need some delicious roti and chapatti accompaniments. The non-stick surface means that you can easily cook the breads you like and they will easily come away from the machine with no hassle. The tortilla maker is also incredibly easy to clean all you need to do is wipe it with a cloth.

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#3 Best electric tortilla maker: StarBlue 10 inch tortilla and roti maker

This top quality electric tortilla maker from StarBlue is sure to make low carb tortillas a staple around your dinner table. Making tortillas has never been easier thanks to the non-stick cooking plates and the neon indicator which lets you know when your tortillas are ready. Just watch out for the green light and you will know that your tortillas are good to go.

What’s also great about this tortilla maker is that it comes with a free tortilla warmer which will keep your tortillas warm for up to an hour. Great if you are wanting to take your low carb tortillas on a picnic or if you want to get the dinner ready before everyone is home. This product also comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with it within 2 months of purchasing.

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#4 Best value electric low carb tortilla maker: Brentwood TS-127 stainless steel non-stick electric tortilla maker, 8 inch

If your budget is on the smaller side you might want to check out this electric tortilla maker from Brentwood. It will cook your homemade low carb tortillas to perfection, what’s more, you can adjust the heat to make the tortillas as you like them – either crispy or soft. There is also a helpful indicator light which lets you know when the plates are hot enough to cook the tortilla.

You don’t need to worry about having difficulty cleaning this tortilla maker as all you need to do is wipe it clean after use, and thanks to the non-stick plates you won’t be scrubbing burnt tortillas from the plates. This tortilla maker isn’t restricted to tortillas either – you can use it to make rotis, chappatis, and pancakes too.

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Best wooden tortilla presses

#1 Best wooden tortilla press: Central Coast Woodworks 10 inch hardwood tortilla press – red oak

Perhaps you like the idea of getting your tortillas in the right shape but you still want to cook them yourself? If that sounds like you then check out this traditional wooden tortilla press from Central Coast Woodworks. These bespoke made tortillas presses make consistently perfectly shaped tortillas and take the hard work out of rolling your own.

In addition to being a useful object, these wooden tortilla presses are also a beautiful and elegant object to have in your home. This wooden tortilla press is a real investment and it comes in various different sizes depending on how big you want your low carb tortillas. While pricier then the cast iron alternatives users have reported that it is more effective.

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#2 Best traditional wood tortilla maker: Smart Cook tortilla press 7.5 inch

For an authentic experience in your kitchen why not invest in this traditional wood tortilla maker from Smart Cook. With this in your repertoire making low carb tortillas will be incredibly easy – all you need to do is make the dough and then this press will get them into the right shape. This is a bargain price for such a high-quality product made from solid hard pine wood.

A beautiful item to have in your kitchen, this tortilla maker is also incredibly easy to use so is the perfect item even for beginners. It would also make the perfect gift for friends who you know love Mexican food and like to experiment in the kitchen. You will wonder how you ever lived without this traditional tortilla press!

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Best metal tortilla presses

#1 Bets cast iron tortilla press for low carb tortillas: Victoria TOR-003 cast iron tortilla press, 8 inch

Another traditional way of making low carb tortillas is with a cast iron tortilla press. This sturdy cast iron tortilla press by Victoria will do just the job and will produce perfectly shaped and authentic tortillas. These heavy-duty cast iron presses are expertly made and have undergone years of modification to ensure the plates are completely flat and fit for purpose.

This cast-iron tortilla press is also multi-purpose so you can use it for other food items in addition to your favorite low carb tortillas. Use it for patacones, tostones, arepas, and even mini pie shells – you can really experiment with this item in your kitchen. Victoria is so confident in the quality of their product that they also offer a limited lifetime warranty and an extra screw for the lever should you need it.

#Cast_iron_press #Tortilla_press #Low_carb #Tortillas #Recipes #Kitchen

#2 Best cast iron tortilla press for low carb wraps: Uno Casa cast iron tortilla press, 8 inch

For a perfectly round tortilla check out this quality cast iron tortilla press from Uno Casa. With this purchase you not only get a well-made tortilla press, but you will also receive 100 pieces of parchment paper to use in the press and an e-book packed full of recipes for you to try out. This is a great investment to make if you are planning on making low carb tortillas regularly.

This cast-iron tortilla makes making tortillas incredibly easy. All you need to do is prepare your low carb tortilla dough and then place the touch between the plates and press! It will make the process so much speedier and also guarantee the perfect shape and thickness. Homemade tortillas will become a regular occurrence with this tortilla press in your life.

#Tortilla_maker #Tortilla_press #Low_carb #Healthy #Homemade #Kitchen #Equipment

#3 Best aluminum tortilla press: IMUSA USA MEXI-86008 8 inch easy to use aluminum tortilla press

If you want a metal tortilla press but are looking for something a little cheaper than a cast-iron press then take a look at this aluminum tortilla press. Costing under $15 this is a great choice if you have a smaller budget but you want to make some homemade low carb tortillas with ease. Being made of aluminum it is also lighter weight than cast iron so doesn’t require as much muscle power!

This easy to use tortilla maker is a great tool even if you are new to making tortillas and you will be really happy with the perfectly round tortillas that this press produces. Plus you can also make rotis, flatbreads, chapattis and other bread items with this press if you wanted to treat yourself to some carbs! This product is a great addition to any kitchen and won’t break the bank either.

#Aluminum_press #Tortillas #Low_carb #Healthy #Tortilla_press #keto

#4 Best value cast iron tortilla press: Alpha Living tortilla press 7.5 inch

Here is a slightly cheaper option for a cast-iron tortilla press that will go easier on your bank balance. With a wide diameter, this press will make a good sized low carb tortilla that you can then jam pack full of your favorite healthy ingredients. This cast-iron press is incredibly easy to use and is a great option for even novice chefs out there.

Alpha Living offer quality satisfaction so are at the end of the phone should you have any concerns about the product which makes this item even more appealing. With this tortilla press in your life, you will seriously impress your friends and family with your culinary skills and can produce endless low carb tortillas be it breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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#5 Best Mexican cast-iron tortilla press: Estrella 7.5 inch cast iron tortilla press heavy made

For a truly authentic tortilla press check out this heavy made cast-iron press from Mexico. The design of this press makes it incredibly easy to use – ensuring that pressing is even and that your tortillas are the perfect shape and thickness. The sturdy base gives this tortilla press good resistance when you press the handle down so it won’t slip in the process.

Whether you fancy a delicious avocado and chili wrap, fajitas or even a three-bean low carb wrap, this cast-iron tortilla press will create the perfect low carb tortilla base for your recipes. A worthwhile investment for your kitchen and a quality product that you won’t be disappointed with.

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Sticking to your low carb diet has never been easier with low carb tortillas in your life. Low carb tortillas are the perfect blank canvas for so many recipes and you can adapt them whether you’re making breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a snack. You can easily buy low carb tortillas in bulk online and keep them in your store cupboard ready for when the craving hits you.

If you prefer to make your own low carb tortillas these can be rustled up with very few ingredients and are incredibly quick to make. To ensure the perfect low carb tortilla it’s a good idea to invest in some quality equipment. Whether you go down the electric tortilla maker route or prefer the original tortilla press and skillet combo be sure to check out the products listed in this article. With so many recipe options out there you can be sure that a meal that contains low carb tortillas will be a delicious one.

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