Best Turkey Fryers(Review 2022) – The Complete List 10 types of Electric vs Propane Fryer

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing about Christmas and Thanksgiving is having a whopping great turkey that brings all the family together around one table for a delicious feast and plenty of merriment. However, cooking a turkey is no easy feat when roasted in the oven and tends to take at least three hours. Well, in a turkey fryer, cooking times for turkeys can be brought down to as little as half an hour for a turkey as big as 12 pounds. To ensure your turkey will ripen, so a best thermometer will help control the temperature during frying, maintaining it at an appropriate level to get the perfect batch.

In this post, we will introduce you to an oft-overlooked piece of kitchen equipment that can make it so easy to serve up a delicious feast for the whole family, take a look at the advantages of propane vs electric fryers, consider whether you should opt for an oil or an oil-less fryer, and review indoor and outdoor options. By the end you’ll be in no doubt, the turkey fryer should be overlooked no more!

Who needs a turkey fryer?

Everyone of course! Well, need might be a bit of a strong word but if you’ve got the cash to splash and want to make your life easier when serving big parties it is well worth checking out what turkey fryers have to offer. They’re also a great option for people who really love to cook their own food, large families, and (if you opt for an oil-less fryer) for the healthy eaters. If you’ve always struggled with dry turkey no matter the recipe – a turkey fryer will quickly become your new best friend.

Turkey fryers make sense for large families because roasts tend to be a feature of a monthl or even weekly routine. Since they make it quicker and easier to make the perfect roast turkey that leaves more time for the chef to enjoy the family time and togetherness that tends to come along with a roast, without having to stress over the dinner. They also allow you to use the oven for all the roast accompaniments without the last-minute panic to get everything warm at the same time.

Turkey fryers are a great option for the budding chefs out there because they are actually incredibly versatile and the best turkey fryers will allow you to boil, steam, and fry your turkey as well as roast them. Oil-free turkey fryers also make it easier for those looking to eat healthy to cut out unwanted fat from their diet without having to sacrifice flavor, tenderness, or balance to their daily diet. Clearly then, there is more to the turkey fryer than at first meets the eye.

Electric Vs Propane Fryers

Now you’ve made the decision that a turkey fryer is the bit of kit your kitchen has been waiting for you need to decide whether a propane or electric model is going to suit your needs. In terms of which is better, there is no definitive answer and each comes with their own list of pros and cons depending on your needs. However, here, we will try to outline what each is best for and you can decide which is right for your own personal needs.

In terms of ease of use, it has to be said that electric fryers tend to be more convenient and they are the option chosen by the majority of turkey fryer buyers. This is because electric turkey fryers can be placed wherever you need, be that on the ground or up   on the table, and are not beholden to a specific stand. They are also less likely to be inadvertently knocked over as they can simply be placed on top of a table or directly on to the ground.

So, why choose a propane turkey fryer? Well, propane fryers are much quicker to reach the desired temperature and keeping it there too. As a cold turkey drops into a fryer it brings the temperature, which was perfect, all the way down. Fortunately, propane fryers ensure this cooling period is short and the temperature gets back up to the desired heat quickly. This is important as it means your bird doesn’t absorb too much oil keeping your turkey nice and healthy.

Oil-less Vs Oil-filled fryers

With obesity a growing problem, more and more people are coming to realize the importance of cooking healthily and cutting out unnecessary fats in your diet. As such, many people opt for an oil-less fryer as they know this is going to take any temptation out of the picture. However, it is undeniable that if flavor is more of a key consideration for you, then getting an oil turkey fryer will be the right decision for you.

It is also true that oil fryers don’t have to be completely unhealthy. As explained above, when cooking with oil, the key thing is to ensure your oil is kept at the appropriate temperature that means it won’t all be sucked up into your bird. However, in terms of safety, some people are still inclined to lean towards an oil-less fryer as they are safer because of the very fact that they are not filled with burning hot oil.

That being said, all good turkey fryers come with a safety shutoff feature which kicks in when the oil reaches a temperature it shouldn’t be reaching. If you do go for an oil-less fryer, you will also be looking at slower cooking times so you should be aware of this if one of the major reasons you’re investing in a turkey fryer is for the incredibly fast cooking times you’ve heard so much about.

What is better, indoor or outdoor turkey fryers?

This largely comes down to personal preference and what you plan to use your fryer for but there are some additional points that you should consider before diving in on this decision. For example, if you choose the outdoor option, you are likely going to have to look at propane models which are slightly harder to operate and, as already mentioned, come with a few additional safety concerns.  Cooking on propane also requires you to be well-stocked up on fuel if you don’t want a half-cooked turkey!

Indoor fryers also tend to be better at sustaining temperatures more uniformly and come with more advanced features that make it easier to relax as your turkey cooks, such as built-in timers. Outdoor fryers will require much more understanding on your part to maintain the oil at the right temperature. You’ll also be reliant on good weather conditions if you take the outdoor fryer option whereas indoor fryers can work come rain or shine.

Size, capacity, and price considerations

A final key consideration you need to make, as with pretty much any major purchase, is how much you have spare to spend and what space do you have vs what space you need. If you are planning to buy an indoor fryer you need to think about where it is going to go, both when it is in use and when you don’t want to have it taking up vital space on your worktop. This means that even if your dream is a huge fryer capable of dealing with a 20 pound turkey you still need to keep an eye on how reality bights.

Generally speaking the bigger the capacity the bigger the cost, but if you notice a fryer on offer at a low price with a huge capacity and impressively low price tag be warned – you do not want to be buying a budget turkey fryer, especially if it uses oil, as these things are dangerous when they don’t have the proper safety features that come with better models. Think about how many people you will usually need to feed and pick the fryer that suits your needs.

  • 12 pound turkeys – to happily feed 6-8 people.
  • 14 pound turkeys – suitable for a solid group of 8-10 people.
  • 18 pound turkeys – will be welcomed into the bellies of at least 12 hungry mouths.
  • 20 pound turkeys – will be a challenge to even 14 big eaters.

5 reasons to use a turkey fryer

If you’re still not convinced that a turkey fryer is right for you, check out these 5 reasons to try a turkey fryer which might well make you think differently:

#1 Speed

Cooking a 12-pound turkey in 30 minutes is just wild. Even if you do go for a non-oil based turkey fryer they will be much quicker than the 3 hours it would take you to cook a 12 pound turkey in the oven. This gives you more time to spend with your family friends who will inevitably be around all the time once you’ve got one of these bad boy fryers!

#2 Space

As well as freeing up your time, a turkey fryer also creates a whole load more space in the oven for all the trimmings that come along with a roast dinner making it easier to get everything to the right temperature at the same time and just before serving with the minimum of fuss.

#3 Ease

Turkey fryers are designed to make it easy to cook a juicy and tender turkey. This means you don’t have to faff around figuring out how to get crispy skin but keep the breast moist, the machine will ensure you get the perfect turkey every time without you having to even break a sweat. With the added space you get in the oven the overall cooking experience gets easier too.

#4 Flavor

Continuing on from reason number 3, a turkey fryer really gets the best out of a turkey when it comes to flavor, especially if you have an oil fryer. This is because it ensures the meat retains its juices and moisture whilst also crisping up all the skin. Fryers cook the turkey from every side (hence how they are able to do it so quickly) and this means you get a delicious result every time.

#5 More parties

If things in the kitchen are quicker, you have more space, it’s easier to get things done, and you are guaranteed to provide delicious food, that can only mean one thing – more parties! Throwing a dinner party is great, but typically we associate with a lot of hard work. Turkey fryers make hard work easy and give you an added incentive to invite people over, be it your old gang or the family, for a good old fashioned roast!

Electric Turkey Fryer 2022Reviews

#1 Best Electric Turkey Fryer: Butterball 23010115 MB23010118 (14lb Turkey)

If fried turkey is one of your favorite meals but the thought of cooking it in a conventional oven seems like too much effort then check out this electric turkey fryer from Butterball. This top-rated turkey fryer is a steal at under $100 and will allow you to cook a turkey for that perfect family meal. Whether it be for Thanksgiving or simply just because you fancy some delicious turkey midweek then this turkey fryer makes the process so much simpler.

All you need to do is put your turkey inside the chrome-wire cooking basket inside the fryer and it does all the hard work for you. It can fry a turkey that weighs up to 14lbs and you can carefully control the temperature with the thermostat to ensure that your meal is perfectly cooked. The cleaning up is also super easy thanks to the oil drain valve that removes all excess oil once the turkey is cooked. With this electric turkey fryer, you can look forward to hassle-free turkey dinners for a long time to come.

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#2 Best Extra Large Turkey Fryer: Masterbuilt 23011114 (20lb Turkey)

This extra-large turkey fryer from Masterbuilt is suitable for those of you who have a lot of mouths to feed. It can accommodate and fry a turkey as big as 20lbs so you will be seeing a lot of happy faces when it comes to serving that special Thanksgiving meal. Simply place the turkey in the cooking basket, add the oil and set the thermostat. Cooking the perfect fried turkey in this fryer delivers a super delicious turkey using 33% less oil than conventional fryers – making it that little bit healthier.

This turkey fryer from Masterbuilt has been designed to ensure that it is incredibly safe to use. If you have been put off fried turkey due to the risks of fire you can be confident that this turkey fryer, made from stainless steel with a porcelain-coated inner pot, will keep the hot oil safely contained inside and will not boil over. You can even use this turkey fryer inside thanks to the excellent safety features. Masterbuilt also offers a host of cooking accessories from marinades to cooking utensils.

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#3 Best Electric Rotisserie Turkey Fryer: Waring Pro TF200 (18lb Turkey)

You might like to try a more professional-grade turkey fryer that has a rotisserie function then you might like this state-of-the-art turkey fryer by Waring. This fryer can cook up to an 18 pound turkey and cooks at a speed of around 3-1/2 minutes per pound (so an 18 pound turkey will be cooked in just over an hour!). There is a timer setting on the fryer so you can be sure that your turkey won’t be overdone and there are power and ready indicator lights so you know when the perfect fried turkey is ready.

This turkey fryer really is a multi-purpose product. The rotisserie can be removed and you can fry big portions of fries, onion rings, and chicken wings. You can also fill the reservoir with water instead of oil and use the fryer as a steamer – so you can use to steam mussels or clams or whatever you fancy! This electric turkey fryer also comes with a 5 year motor warranty so parting with your cash is that much easier. Happy frying!

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#4 Best Electric Traditional Style Turkey Roaster: Masterbuilt MB23010809 (18lb Turkey)

If you like the look of a traditional turkey fryer but want an electric model then take a look at this product from Masterbuilt. This superb electric turkey fryer will fry a turkey weighing up to 18 pounds – so a pretty sizeable beast that can spread across the whole family whether it be for Thanksgiving or even just a weekday treat. What’s more, this turkey fryer is oil-free so it not only makes your turkey dinner healthier it also makes frying safer and (some would argue) tastier.

With a built-in cooking basket as standard, all you need to do is pop your turkey in there, set the thermostat and set the switch to on – you will soon be enjoying some delicious mouth-watering turkey. The double-wall construction uses radiant heat which serves to heal the outside of the turkey. There is also a wood chip box installed which helps to give your turkey an additional turkey flavor. The removable drip tray also makes for easy cleaning once you’ve enjoyed your meal. There is a lot to love about this turkey fryer.

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Best Propane Turkey Fryers 2022

#1 Best Oil-Less Turkey Fryer: Char-Broil The Big Easy (16lb Turkey)

Whether you are trying to follow a healthy diet or would just prefer to cook without a vat of hot oil then take a look at this oil-less turkey fryer from Char-Broil. This clever product can do this through infrared cooking technology to cook the turkey through, it takes the same amount of time as cooking with oil and tastes equally delicious. Cook turkeys up to 16 lbs in this fryer and provide a healthy and wholesome meal for all the family.

This turkey fryer will deliver turkey that is moist and juicy on the inside and deliciously crispy on the outside – and all of this is achieved without oil. As well as being healthier it also makes the whole process a whole lot simpler as there is no waiting around for oil to heat up and you won’t be needing to dispose of any oil either. Plus, you can also use this turkey fryer to cook other meats such as pork, beef, and chicken. This easy-to-use turkey fryer turns on and off with a click of a button and would be suitable even for novices in the kitchen. Please note a propane tank is required to get cooking with this fryer.

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#2 Best Multi-purpose Turkey Fryer: Bayou Classic 1118 (20lb Turkey)

If you’re looking for a super-strong and heavy-duty turkey fryer then look no further than this turkey fryer from Bayou Classic. This turkey fryer is amazingly adaptable and can be used to fry turkey and other meats, as well as being a vessel you can use for steaming and boiling. So, in addition to being a turkey fryer, this product can also be used to cook seafood and vegetables making this a great value for money and adaptable product to have in your kitchen repertoire.

Made out of quality stainless steel and including a super-strong perforated basked you can be confident that you are investing in a durable and quality product. This is also a sizeable turkey fryer that you can fry a 20 pound turkey inside it – so no-one will go hungry. You will need a propane burner or patio stove to use this turkey fryer and make sure that you only use it outside. Get your hands on one of these easy to clean turkey fryers and you’re sure to not be disappointed. Included in the price you will get the fryer pot, lid, hook, hook plate, three skewers, injector, and thermometer.

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#3 Best Large Turkey Fryer: Enterprises Oversized (25lb Turkey).

The name of this turkey fryer “Big Bird” is entirely appropriate as this quality fryer from Enterprises can cook a turkey as big as 25 pounds – so would be a great choice if you have a lot of people to feed this Thanksgiving. Made out of 20-gauge stainless steel you can be confident that you are purchasing a durable product and it even includes turkey frying accessories and an aluminum rack and hood.

What’s more, this turkey fryer is not just the perfect option for cooking your favorite meat it can also be used for boiling, steaming, frying (including other meats, fish and vegetables), and even home brewing (if this takes your fancy!). For any budding chef out there having this “Big Bird” in your kitchen will open up a world of possibilities and is sure to bring a lot of culinary compliments your way.

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#4 Best Aluminum Turkey Fryer: Backyard Pro (20lb Turkey)

This large aluminum turkey frying pot from Backyard Pro isn’t just a turkey fryer it is a whole kit which includes everything you need to get started with frying that turkey. Included in this set you will receive two strainer baskets, a 3-piece skewer set, a 12” probe thermometer and a 1 oz injector.  As well as lots of other accessories that are designed to make cooking your favorite meat that much easier.

In this pot, you can also steam fish and vegetables as well as boil whatever food takes your fancy that evening. All you need is a tank of propane and you can get started cooking delicious turkey meals outside in your garden.  This product would be a great purchase if you love the outdoors, love getting out in the open in the elements but want to still cook something tasty and delicious – suitable for outdoor cooking take this turkey fryer on your camping trip and be sure to impress all of your friends and family.

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#5 Best Oil-less Propane Turkey Fire: Char-Boil’s Big Easy (16lb Turkey)

This is one of the best propane turkey fryers out there and comes packed with a host of functions that make this as good as indoor competitors. The infrared technology (TRU) built into this unit means you can be sure heat is being perfectly distributed across the turkey. It also means you don’t have to worry that the speed at which your turkey is ready comes at the expense of health and safety as this cooker gets your turkey fried to perfection.

Other benefits of this great turkey fryer are that: it can take a turkey as big as 16 pounds; it produces some of the moistest turkeys with the crispiest skin this side of Kentucky; it has excellent safety features as it does not contain oil, and; because it is oil-free so you can eat as much turkey as you like and know your heart won’t mind. The downside of this fryer is you will miss out on the affect oil has on your bird and it is not the fastest fryer out there.

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#6 Best Outdoor Propane Turkey Fryer: Cooper & Co’s (20lb Turkey)

For those that love cooking in the great outdoors but want a little bit of help from modern technology, this propane turkey fryer kit will be the cooker of your dreams. Complete with a sturdy outdoor stand, a huge frying pan, and all the paraphernalia that you’ll need to make the perfect roast turkey dinner, this kit is the party thrower’s dream. If you can’t believe how quickly the turkey is ready, don’t worry, this kit comes replete with a thermometer so you can be sure it is cooked all the way through.

Other big pluses about this kit are that: it is suitable for a huge turkey weighing up to 20 pounds so you can feed huge parties easily; the sturdy stand is suitable to be left outside; the turkey pan itself is made from aluminum which makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver even with a heavy turkey involved, and; it comes with everything you need. The downside of this kit is that the components are bulky and you will need plenty of storage space.

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Turkeys go a long way to bring families and friends together,  but for so long they have been time-consuming and troublesome for the chef. Well, with a turkey fryer the chef gets to enjoy the party just as much as everyone else without having to worry that the turkey is going to be dry, or struggling to get everything warm at the same time due to a lack of oven space at the vital moments.

In this post, we have looked at a little known gem of the culinary world, the turkey fryer, and found that it is not something to be overlooked. No matter your budget or preference for the indoors or the outdoors, this list has the turkey fryer to bring the party to your house.

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