Top 10 Ideal Breaking Knife – What is a Breaking Knife Used For?

The breaking knife is one of the first items to have in the kitchen. You need to know how to distinguish other knives such as milling knives, peelers, fillet knives, bread knives, deboning knives with breaking knife. Butcher breaking knife is very diverse and is usually made from stainless steel, high-grade carbon steel. However, do you know how to choose the best breaking knife?

In this article, we will introduce how you can choose your own breaking knife for fish and meat, and suggest the top 10 good products from Japanese, German, Korean, etc. like KAI, Victorinox, Fissler that you can order online. An easy-to-use kitchen knife that will make cooking easier and save time!

What is a Breaking Knife Used For?

If you’re not a professional chef, you probably won’t know about breaking knife use. Breaking knife vs butcher knife are quite similar, they are both used to cut meat into smaller and more manageable pieces. In addition, this knife can easily separate meat from cartilage, skin and even bones. It is very convenient to do trimming work on meat and fish.

The sharp Breaking knife will save you a lot of time, especially when slicing meat and fish always requires the right cutting technique. Do you see why the meat and fish dishes in the restaurant look so appealing? Because chefs always use professional breaking knives when making them.

There are many types of breaking knives on the market, but the curved blade is the most popular. The curved blade provides extra leverage when cutting through hard tissues such as small bones or cartilage. Using this knife saves you a lot of time as there is no need to use different tools to separate the meat from the bones.

Using a breaking knife will help you own neat and professional pieces of meat. And we recommend investing in two breaking knives, one for slicing raw food and the other for slicing cooked food to avoid bacterial contamination.

How to Choose the Best Breaking Knife?

Owning the right knife for each food processing function, each different use will help you save money and time. It also helps you avoid unfortunate accidents and moreover, helps your family not to cross-contaminate food from bacteria by sharing the same knife when slicing raw and cooked foods.

Currently, there are many types of breaking knives on the market, so buyers are always confused when choosing the right knife. According to the advice of professional chefs: the knife is one of the very important tools in the kitchen, so investing in a good enough knife is very worthwhile when it is a good assistant.

#1 The blades

When choosing to buy, the most important factor you need to pay attention to is the material of the blade. Knives with stainless steel blades are usually moderately priced and of good quality, but they are not sharp knives, are not safe, and are not recommended by professional chefs.

Knives with blades made of ordinary steel are cheap, the blade is quite sharp, but the steel is soft, so it is easy to chip and often rust. It can cause stains on food when slicing, cutting, and endangering food safety.

The best option experts advise is to buy a breaking knife with a carbon steel blade (high carbon stainless steel). Although the price may be a bit high, it is really worth the money, it overcomes the disadvantages of the two materials mentioned above. The blade is sharp, sharp and smooth, no longer afraid of rust, no worries about chipping. Good knives often come from countries with developed industries such as Germany, the US, and Japan associated with their steel industry with a history dating back to the world war. With a knife with a good steel blade, you will not need to sharpen it for several years of use.

#2 The handle

You should never ignore the handle of any knife and the same goes for breaking knives. There are many materials that make up the handle of a breaking knife.

The knife handle can be wooden, plastic, rubber or metal, etc. But it is important that the design technique is sturdy enough, and can provide comfort. You should choose handles with ergonomic design to ensure safe use, as well as provide comfort and balance when operating.

Another note, wooden handles can be susceptible to mold, so if you love breaking knives with wooden handles, you should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.

#3 Type

Many people compare breaking knife vs cimeter, or breaking knife vs boning knife because there are many similarities between them. However, the breaking knife has more functions than other knives and if you want to save money, the breaking knife will be more suitable.

Besides, breaking knife is also divided into two types and buyers should pay attention to choose the right type for their purposes.

If you are looking for a breaking knife that is useful for slicing meat small and easy to control, then a stamped blade breaking knife is the ideal choice.

However, if your intended use is for smooth cuts, defatting, and meat removal from bones, then a curved breaking knife will be more suitable. The breaking knife can also work on a variety of meats and fish, even the toughest meats.

Top 10 Best Breaking Knife Review

#1 Victorinox Fibrox Pro 10-Inch Curved Breaking Knife

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Victorinox breaking knife is always a favorite product in professional and amateur kitchens. This Victorinox 10 breaking knife can handle nearly any job imaginable. Products are highly appreciated by professional chefs in the world.

This knife has a comfortable grip, optimal weight gain, outstanding balance and razor-sharp edges that rarely require re-sharpening.

The knife handle is made of TPE plastic, excellent anti-slip properties, heat resistant up to 110 degrees Celsius, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to clean, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, durable.

This breaking knife belongs to the Fibrox collection, the design is exclusively registered by Victorinox.

#2 Dexter-Russell 8-inch Breaking Knife

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Founded in 1818, Dexter-Russell aims to specialize in providing high-class cutlery and kitchen tools to customers. They are the largest and oldest kitchen knife manufacturer in the United States.

This Dexter breaking knife will help you get the freshest looking fillets, ribeyes and ribs. You can be assured of its quality, thick cuts of meat, even with hard skin or cartilage, it can be cut easily.

The blade is made from exclusive DEXSTEEL steel. It has a curved design, has a unique technical chamfer for increased sharpness, long service life, easy maintenance and does not tarnish after many years of use.

The handle is woven with polypropylene plastic fiber to hold the hand firmly, the surface is smooth, sharp, non-slip, not soaked. In particular, it can withstand heat above 120 degrees Celsius and cold withstand below 0 degrees Celsius. Safe to run in the dishwasher or disinfect in a pot of boiling water.

#3 Wusthof Pro 10 Inch Butcher Knife

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This Wusthof breaking knife is also a quality choice for your kitchen. This knife is forged from a specially tempered, special alloy steel that ensures outstanding durability and resistance for a long sharp, highly stain resistant blade. The hardness reaches 58 HRC.

Knives are forged and manufactured using the latest in laser and robotic technology to create a range of professional, quality kitchen knives. This technology allows robotic systems to accurately simulate the angle of the blade. Therefore blades sharpened with this technology are thinner providing the highest level of cutting performance and maintaining sharpness in use.

This knife has good force balance. Thin blade, straight blade, produces sharp, fast and precise cuts suitable for slicing and slicing meat and fish.

#4 YOUSUNLONG Breaking Knives 10 inch Pro Bull Nose Butcher Knife

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If you are looking for a Japanese breaking knife then don’t miss this knife from YOUSUNLONG. This knife has a Damascus blade that has a Tsuchime texture that makes it extremely unique and attractive.

The blade is made of high quality carbon, very sharp and durable. It can easily cut into fine lines a variety of ingredients from large chunks of meat to hard cartilage.

The handle of the knife is covered with premium Walnut and Brown. It not only offers a luxurious appearance, but is also environmentally friendly.

#5 Kai Pro Kitchen Knives, NSF Certified Japanese Cutlery

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KAI’s knives are always favored by famous chefs in the world. In particular, this line of knives of the company is specialized for slicing thin meat or slicing from large pieces of meat designed with a long blade and a sharp tip.

This is a high-end cutting knife that is popular thanks to its superior design, moderately thick blade and beautiful shiny steel material. The extremely sharp hand-sharpened blade provides precise slicing from meat to fish.

The blade is made from imported Japanese AUS6M steel, very durable and keeps its sharpness for a long time. In particular, this knife received NSF certification for professional kitchen use

#6 DALSTRONG Giant Butcher’s Breaking Knife

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Dalstrong is truly a prominent name in the industry and they certainly never compromise on shoddy quality. This brand’s breaking knife is truly a smart choice for your kitchen. Moreover, it will help you satisfy both the look and the performance.

This knife features a German high carbon steel blade, meticulously hand-sharpened with high precision. The sharp blade ensures smooth and professional cuts. The sharp point of the knife allows you to quickly and easily cut the meat from the bone.

The handle has a comfortable design, fixed with three sturdy studs. It is safe to use in the dishwasher.

#7 Victorinox 8-Inch Curved Breaking Knife with Rosewood Handle

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Light, well-balanced, feels great in the hand and super sharp. Those are the salient features of this Victorinox 8 inch breaking knife. This knife also has designs and materials exclusively registered by Victorinox.

The blade is made of stainless steel according to the exclusive formula of Victorinox. Carbon, Chromium, and Molydium alloys are mixed in appropriate proportions, subjected to smelting, and hardened with high temperature, the hardness reaches 56HRC.

The handle has a rounded shape and is ergonomically designed to provide optimal weight, balance and comfort. It has excellent safety allowing use in wet or greasy conditions due to the non-slip condition of the material.

#8 F. Dick – 10″ Breaking Knife

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Dick is also a brand specializing in providing quality kitchen knives to the market. This breking knife is made of high quality carbon steel, super durable, hard, sharp to make perfect and fast cuts.

Curved blade, high efficiency thanks to the most modern grinding and polishing technology. Ensure high food hygiene and safety, do not react with acidic substances in food

The knife is forged from a single piece of steel for maximum stability. Thanks to special manufacturing technology, the blade and handle are sealed together without any cracks or openings.

#9 Rada Cutlery Stubby Butcher Knife

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Rada Cutlery is a brand specializing in the production of professional kitchen tools loved and trusted by chefs around the world. All Rada Cutlery products are the perfect combination of skilled production lines and the use of quality raw materials.

Their breaking knife is made from durable and shiny T420 high carbon stainless steel. High-quality materials for expertly cutting meats and fish.

The handle is sealed firmly on the blade to create comfort and safety for the fingers, avoiding the case of the blade being broken off the body, causing injury when in use.

#10 Mercer Culinary BPX Breaking Butcher Knife

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Thanks to premium quality steel engineering, durability and ease of use, the Mercer Culinary BPX Breaking Butcher Knife is an indispensable knife in professional kitchens. This knife is also widely loved by home chefs in many parts of the world.

The blade is made of high-carbon German steel that does not stain, rust and does not stain even after decades of use. The handle is ergonomically designed and made of Santoprene material for a smooth, tight, comfortable grip, combined with polypropylene for durability and easy cleaning.

Final Verdict

It would not be wrong to say that the knife is the hand of the cook. Therefore, you should choose carefully before deciding to avoid costly. Besides, do not forget to sharpen the breaking knife periodically to maintain the sharpness of the knife. Hope the information we provide above can help you!