Where to Buy Chinen Salt: Is Chinen Salt Really Good for Diabetics?

Urinary tract disease is also a strange disease. This certificate is listed as a silent killer by the certifications that sound only, the patient is hardly recognizable. People with diabetes must follow a strict diet. The patient’s urinary catheter is suggested to give table salt in the daily meal. However, it is different for chinen salt.

In this article, we will give you information about the health benefits of chinen salt and where to buy chinen salt. Let’s go through the list of chinen salts that we consider the best for diabetics, and for your diet.

What Is Chinen Salt?

Chinen salt is produced from the Khewra salt mine, located near the Himalayas in Pakistan. Khewra Salt Mine is one of the largest and oldest salt mines in the world.

The amount of chinen salt in the Khewra salt mine is thought to have formed millions of years ago due to the evaporation of seawater. This type of salt is also known as pink salt. It is produced entirely by hand and with minimal additives to create an unrefined, all-natural product.

Due to the natural extraction process, chinen salt has many other minerals and trace elements not found in ordinary table salt. Iron is abundant in salt, so it gives salt its characteristic pink color.

Pink salt mines are often located hundreds of meters underground, so to access them people also have to dig mines with the same depth. Therefore, the price of chinen salt is also much higher than that of ordinary salt.

Chinen salt is said to be beneficial for diabetics. Although chinen salt benefits and side effects are controversial, it is a healthy salt.

Chinen Salt and Diabetes, What are the Benefits?

”Is chinen salt good for health?” ”How to use chinen salt for diabetes?”. These are the most common questions regarding chinen salt. In fact, chinen salt has more nutrients than regular salt. Although it cannot completely replace common salt, chinen salt can be a good support for diabetics.

The most terrible consequences that people with diabetes face come directly from the dangerous complications that this disease causes. Sodium in salt is not a cause of diabetes, but it is a catalyst for complications of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, diabetics are advised to limit salty menus.

However, in fact, a correct dose and control of sodium has a direct benefit in the treatment of diabetes. In hospitals, doctors will give patients with very high blood sugar (intravenously) sodium chloride to help lower their blood sugar back to normal. It is very important that everything is monitored and within limits to prevent complications.

To compare chinen salt vs metformin, chinen salt is not an alternative. However, chinen salt can make a good contribution to a diabetic’s menu.

Chinen salt was formed many years ago and is perfectly preserved in the frosty conditions of the Himalayas. As a result, this natural product preserves 84/92 essential trace minerals for the human body. Including 4 types of substances that are able to maintain blood sugar balance.

Salt is clearly not bad if we classify the intended use and dosage. For diabetics, chinen salt is really a good therapy to improve the condition and avoid dangerous complications.

What are Chinen Salt Side Effects?

Despite its health benefits, many people still don’t know about chinen salt side effects. In 1 gram of chinen and regular salt, regular salt can contain more sodium. But chinen salt contains more calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. In addition to 84 other minerals and trace elements, chinen salt also contains monosodium glutamate (MSG) as well as berberine.

It is monosodium glutamate (MSG) and berberine that will cause side effects when using this salt. If the recommended amount of salt is taken in excess, some sensitive people may experience symptoms such as headaches, redness, muscle aches, tingling, and general weakness. This is a common manifestation in people who are sensitive to MSG.

Chinen salt contains less sodium chloride than regular table salt, so you may need to be careful when using it in cooking. Current dietary guidelines in the US recommend that most adults consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day, which is equivalent to about 1 teaspoon (6 grams) of finely ground salt. So when you use this salt, it’s a good idea to check the nutrition label, because depending on the manufacturer, the sodium content can vary widely.

Unlike ordinary sea salt, chinen salt does not contain iodine. Therefore, when using this salt, you need to add iodized salt from other foods such as seaweed, dairy products and fish to prevent the risk of iodine deficiency.

How to Use Chinen Salt for Diabetes?

Diabetics should not use common salt. Instead, chinen salt would be a good choice. To get a positive effect, you can use chinen salt as a common seasoning instead of table salt, or drink some chinen salt water early in the morning (before breakfast).

With outstanding purity and more than 80 useful minerals for the body, chinen salt will help control and stabilize glucose absorption into the blood. Do not consume more than 10 milligrams per day for diabetics.

In addition, the foot massage with salt rock or rock salt bed is considered an effective supportive therapy. When massaging the feet with rock salt, under the influence of heat, the acupuncture points under the palms of the body are opened, stimulating blood circulation evenly throughout the limbs.

This process also helps the body’s internal organs, especially the liver, pancreas and kidneys to function stably and perform their functions well. When these organs are working properly, blood sugar levels will be controlled, helping us to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Or you can find supplements containing chinen salt that are good for diabetics. However, before that you need to consult a therapist.

Top 10 Best Chinen Salt for Diabetics?

Where can I buy chinen salt? Nowadays you can buy chinen salt much easier than before. You don’t need to buy it at the brick-and-mortar stores, instead shopping online is simpler and easier than ever.

Just search for chinen salt at Walmart, Amazon, Target and more. The choices are varied and you can also compare the prices of the items.

Below, we have prepared a list of the best salted chinen for diabetics.

#1 Glucocil – The Total Blood Sugar Optimizer [Amazon.com]

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This product is formulated with 14 proven ingredients based on over 100 published studies. Includes human clinical studies of Glucocil’s proprietary mulberry leaf extract, which immediately reduces peak postprandial blood sugar spikes by up to 44%

Glucocil is America’s leading clinically researched nutritional supplement designed to address all three of these essentials. By helping to minimize the absorption of sugar or other carbohydrates and reducing glucose production and by increasing the absorption of excess glucose by cells, Glucocil may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. specific health problems. In addition, Glucocil also works to support healthy insulin production.

#2 Berberine Plus [Amazon.com]

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This is a product that can help lower blood sugar, support immune function, support the digestive tract, promote weight management and improve heart health.

With 1200mg of Pure Berberine, with no artificial ingredients, binders, color additives, chemicals, fillers or preservatives, this product is wholesome. It’s all-natural and free of soy, gluten, dairy, egg, wheat, GMOs, peanuts, sweeteners, shellfish and sugar.

These pills are made in the USA, researched and built on high quality materials, so consumers can rest assured.

#3 Arazo Nutrition Blood Sugar Support Supplement [Walmart.com]


Blood Sugar Support is made from herbal ingredients, with essential vitamins and minerals to support diabetes treatment and improve health for people with diabetes.

Blood Sugar Support Arazo Nutrition tablets from America help to stabilize blood sugar, balance blood sugar, so it is very good for people with high blood sugar, people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes. These oral tablets are 100% natural, do not contain any harmful ingredients that patients need to be aware of.

#4 Good & Gather Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder [Target.com]


This pink salt of Good & Gather is completely processed from 100% Himalayan pink salt imported directly from Pakistan and packaged on a closed technological line.

The product is finely made to save time in preparing dishes and serving immediately. Grinder will help you easily adjust the appropriate amount of salt. You can use this salt for your meals, remember to use in sufficient amounts as recommended for diabetics.

#5 Himalayan Chef Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain [Amazon.com]

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This product includes up to 84 special mineral components needed by our body. Not only that, salt is also one of the very few products capable of producing negative ions when heated – helping to balance the body’s energy.

In addition, when dissolved in water, it will provide electrolytes that help regulate moisture, rehydrate and have many other effects on the body.

Using this salt daily will help improve cold limbs, arthritis, diabetes and more.

#6 Diabetes Doctor 24 Hour Daily Support [Amazon.com]

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Diabetes Doctor 24 Hour Daily Support is a product built on medical research and recommended by leading doctors. Using three tablets per day will help improve the health of patients, especially those with diabetes.

These pills contain natural ingredients and are healthy for diabetics. They do not contain ingredients that can cause many side effects, which are not beneficial to the user’s health.

#7 SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt [Amazon.com]

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Instead of getting bored with your boring diet, use some of this pink salt to enhance the flavor of the dish. The use of this pink salt in safe amounts will not cause any adverse effects on the health of diabetics.

What’s more, this SaltWorks salt can also give you a relaxing and therapeutic bath when combined with dried herbs and essential oils. The product is all natural, hypoallergenic and non-toxic and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

#8 Herbion Pink Salt [Walmart.com]


If you are looking for chinen salt UK then this salt from Herbion is a good choice. This salt is famous for its excellent purity and very high mineral and trace element content. It will be very helpful for the diabetic diet.

This product stores a variety of essential minerals, especially with a low sodium chloride ratio, which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and helps to eliminate toxins. So, in addition to being able to support your diet, you can use this salt for relaxation and other treatments.

#9 The Spice Lab Salt [Amazon.com]

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The specialty of The Spice Lab Salt is that it has been approved for use on the Keto and Paleo Diets. That’s why we want to recommend this product to you. This salt is very pure, not adulterated or contains any impurities. So it won’t cause any disappointment.

Besides, this salt is popularly used by professionals and patients looking for a healthy product. It is also trusted by many prestigious spas for treatments and relaxation. With 84 beneficial trace elements and iron, this salt will help diabetics maintain a good state.

#10 Sherpa Pink Salt [Amazon.com]

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Sherpa Pink Salt is a premium quality food product and is packaged in the USA, ensuring the strictest standards. This product is Kosher certified, organically compliant and completely pure. It is non-GMO and does not contain any MSG, soy, gluten, dairy or anti-caking agents.

This raw salt will make it possible for you to use it for many different purposes. It is ready for you to puree for cooking, or combine with other herbs for relaxation, exfoliation and more. Packed form will help you save a lot more.

Final Verdict

Currently, the use of chinen salt has become more popular, but it is also something that customers need to be more careful about when choosing products. Because of profit, some brands have found ways to fake it, mixing unnatural ingredients into the product, making it impossible for many consumers to distinguish the real from the fake.

So, learn carefully about product information and brands to avoid low-quality products. And do not forget to use the product in the recommended dose to avoid adverse effects on health.