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Best Fillet Knife Reviews 2021: How to Choose the Right Fillet Knife?

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur, you need a variety of knives in your kitchen. In particular, a fish fillet knife is a knife that no kitchen should lack, it will help you a lot in cleaning fish and some other jobs.

But the problem is that there are many fillet knives available on the market and not all of them work well. Those who do not have much experience should consult the fish fillet knife reviews to choose the best product.

And we’ve compiled a list of fillet knife reviews with some of the best products we consider today. You can refer to this list and it is an objective list.

Top 10 Best Fillet Knife Reviews 2021

#1 Bubba 9 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife (Editor’s Choice)

This 9 inch fillet knife from Bubba is our top pick and it is the product that receives an almost absolute good rating from the customer. It is a high quality fillet knife and has a high applicability.

The 9 inch blade is long enough to be able to fill large fish easily. The blade is also very sharp and coated with titanium-nitride for maximum protection against rust. It is also coated with a non-stick coating so that the fillets are not obstructed. In general with this fillet knife, you can easily fill freshwater and saltwater fish easily.

In addition, this fillet knife has an anti-slip handle design, minimizing accidents for the chef. This anti-slip handle will also give you much better control over direction and force.

With many advantages, this fillet knife deserves to be on your list of priorities. It also comes at a premium price.

#2 Wusthof Classic IKON Fillet Knife (Stainless Steel)

This fillet knife from Wusthof is a fillet knife of amazing quality and durability. It is made from high carbon stainless steel, can last a long time and is not easily destroyed. This material is also resistant to rust.

The blade is 7 inches long, extremely sharp and has an ideal curvature to fill easily. The sharp blade allows easy penetration through large fish, thick meat. This blade is also rust free, non-sticking, and has a long service life.

Besides, polyoxymethylene handle is effective against color fading. It is also designed with slight curves to suit the grip position, for a comfortable grip and easy control.

However, the handle of this fillet knife does not have an anti-slip design, so the chef should be careful when handling the knife with grease-stained hands.

#3 American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife (Advanced Airflow Design)

In addition to traditional fillet knives, there are also a wide range of quality electric fillet knives available on the market that can handle continuous heavy duty work.

If you search for the American Angler fillet knife review, you will find that this PRO Electric Fillet Knife constantly appears in the list. And this great frequency has a basis.

This fillet knife has a blade made of stainless steel, 8 inches long. This blade is very durable and sharp, not rust. You can also change other blades to suit your job.

Especially, with the advanced airflow design, you can continuously fill the fish fillet for a long time, continuously without this electric fillet knife getting hot. That contributes significantly to improving the life of this electric fillet knife.

You will, however, need to be connected to a power source for this electric fillet to work. That means it’s inflexible and portable.

#4 Berkley Electric Fillet Fishing Knife (Electric Knife)

This is another quality electric fillet knife that is worth your investment. For every berkley fillet knife reviews, you will find that this fillet knife is always at the top.

This electric fillet knife has a neat and simple design. The release buttons are placed on the side to prevent accident when you accidentally press the button during operation.

You can quickly and easily change the suitable blade. This electric fillet comes with a 6 inch blade and an 8 inch blade. Both blades are stainless steel and are corrosion resistant.

#5 KastKing Fillet Knife 9 Inch (Professional Knife)

You must have at least heard the name KastKing once when trying to find a traditional fillet knife. This manufacturer owns a lot of quality knives and you can count on them.

This fillet knife is ideal for filling large fish with chewy flesh. The blade 9 inches long, thin and extremely sharp will simply pierce the tough, thick flesh. The stainless steel, corrosion-resistant blade will help you handle large saltwater fish with ease.

Besides, this fillet knife with outdoor design will bring convenience and flexibility to your travels. It has drainage holes, protective lock cover, fixed lock, anti-slip handle for safe protection of hands when fish fillets.

This traditional fillet knife, however, is not a fillet knife that works well on small, freshwater fish.

#6 Dexter-Russell P94813 Narrow Fillet Knife (High Quality)

Dexter-Russell is a reputable manufacturer and they own a wide range of high quality products. And this fillet knife from them is a top quality fillet knife but comes at an affordable price for many to reach.

This fillet knife has a blade that is 8 inches long and is quite thin. This blade is made of high carbon steel, very durable, very sharp, and easy to maintain. You can sharpen this blade many times without wear and tear.

In addition, the non-slip polypropylene handle provides a comfortable grip and easy to adjust force. It also has a classy appearance that will suit many kitchens.

However this fillet knife does not come with a safety cover.

#7 Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife (High-friction Handle)

This fillet knife from Morakniv is a very versatile, portable fillet knife that will make your fishing trip a great help.

It has a 6.1 inch blade that is from stainless steel, is non-corrosive and easy to maintain. This knife comes with a hard plastic sheath, with accessories for you to wear it to your belt. This is a big plus as you will want to bring neat things when going fishing.

Furthermore, you can use this fillet knife for almost any type of fish, both saltwater and freshwater fish.

#8 Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet Knife (Japanese Knife)

If you like Japanese fillet knives, there is no better choice than this one. It is a super sharp fillet knife that can cleanly handle meat and fish bones.

The 6 inch blade is extremely sharp. It is made from wear-resistant, non-stick stainless steel and has a very long service life. Sharpening times do not affect its lifespan at all.

The handle of this fillet knife is made of hard wood which makes its overall look very luxurious in any kitchen.

#9 Kershaw Clearwater 7’’ Fillet Knife (High Performance)

This Kershaw fillet knife is highly efficient and can work easily with both saltwater and freshwater fish. It has a flexible, sharp and corrosion resistant 7-inch stainless steel blade.

Besides, this fillet knife comes with a holster that allows you to take it safely with you on your fishing trips.

#10 Rada Cutlery Fillet Knife (Budget Option)

This is a cheap, quality fillet knife that every fisherman or chef should have for himself. It has a thin, long, and sharp blade that facilitates filling of most fishes quickly.

It has a black rubber grip, which is anti-slip and offers a comfortable grip. This fillet knife also comes with a holster so you can stash it in your fishing kit.

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How to Choose the Right Fillet Knife?

#1 Handle

You should choose a knife that is very convenient to use. It is the handle that must be suitable for the size of the user’s hand.

So before you buy, try holding the handle of the knife. Good quality knives are balanced to feel like they fit in your hand and move in the direction of cutting effortlessly.

#2 Knife construction

Take a look at how much steel is made up of the knife you intend to buy, whether there is a joint weld between the tool holder and the blade because that is the weakness that makes the knife more susceptible to bending or breaking.

A fine knife made from a single block of steel, blade and hilt in one piece. Although these are usually more expensive while cheap knives are thin with unstable handles and dense plastic molded handles.

#3 Knife weight

A heavy knife can be a pain in cutting soft and light ingredients, but it is very effective and ideal if you need to cut and chop hard, firm foods like bones or frozen meat.

But a fillet knife should be light and flexible for easy control.

#4 Blade

Arguably the best blade is made of ceramic because of its high sharpness, long lasting sharpness, and no rust. However, the downside is that it is expensive and fragile. Please consider when buying cheap ceramic knives!

Quality blades are also typically made from carbon steel. This blade is very smooth, sharp, easy to sharpen, but pay attention to avoid rust.

Cheap stainless steel knives, but quickly wear out and must be sharpened frequently.

Avoid knives that are advertised as never sharpening as they may not be too sharp in the first place and also cannot be sharpened which means they have no edge in fineness.

Final Verdict

Before buying a fillet knife, you should consider the type of knife you need for your kitchen, in terms of shape and size of the blade to best meet the needs of preliminary processing, cooking and depending on your style and habits.

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