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How to Eat Jackfruit? Just Follow These Simple Steps!

how to eat jackfruit?

Have you tried eating a jackfruit? How does it taste? Well, I did, a lot of times. In fact, we had a jackfruit tree in our yard when I was young.

I love to see the fruits dangling in its tree and see those spikes that protected it so. Jackfruit is one of my favorite fruits! But cutting it all up was sure hard as I remember. Only my grandpa could do it for us. To make jackfruit easily, we will need a sharp knife. In this post, I will show you how to open jackfruit art?

Now I am wondering if I can do it alone?

Do you like to learn how to eat jackfruit? Let us do it together!

What is a Jackfruit?

Jackfruit dangling in its tree. The biggest largest tree-borne fruit worldwide.

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that grows on trees. They are also named Jack tree, jack or jak. You can find these species in Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Africa. However, these biggies are believed to have originated in the rainforests of the Western Ghats in India.

This fruit has been officially dubbed to be the world’s largest tree-borne fruit. While it is the largest, you could say it has the most wonderful taste as well. A lot of recipes have been created and sold worldwide out of this favorite. You can also freeze jackfruit to eat, then you will think you are eating ice cream. To freeze jackfruit , you will first need an airtight storage box to avoid cross-contamination when refrigerated.

How to eat a Jackfruit?

Jackfruit successfully sliced open with the bulbs out, cleaned from stalks and ready for eating.

Can I just slice it? Or can I try to rip it open? Sure you can! But that’s just part of the actual process that I would be telling you further on. If we are going to start eating the jack fruit, we first have to know the art of opening one. But don’t worry, just follow these steps to get things right…

You will be needing:

It is very important to wash the jackfruit first to make sure it’s not dirty from the things it recently came in contact to. This is also a safer option to get rid of harmful chemicals, unwanted bacteria or germs from the fruit.

Put oil in the hands to keep off the sticky sap while cutting the jackfruit

In this step, you have to use and put oil on your hands as well as the knife that you are going to be using to cut open the jackfruit. This is important since the jackfruit consists a lot of fruit sap. Putting oil on your hands and your knife will make it easier for cleanup at the end.

Cutting a Jack Fruit is to slice it open lengthwise using a long sharp knife.

Once you are done greasing your hands and knife, it is time to cut it open. You can cut it in any way that you like. You can cut the fruit half lengthwise or around it. With the oil on your knife, cutting will be a lot easier as it just slides through.

Tip: Oil your knife once more if you are going to make another slice to keep the grease going.

The jackfruit core is located inside at the middle of the fruit. Cutting it out first would make it easier for you to take the bulbs one by one.

After cutting through the Jack Fruit, you will see the core that is located right in the fruit’s center. Grease your knife and hands once more and proceed to cut the core out of the fruit.

See how to get the jackfruit bulbs one by one and making a short cut to make it easier for the seed to pop out.

Getting rid of the fruit’s core makes things a lot easier. It gives us more access to the edible insides of the jackfruit. In this step, we have to “pop” open the jackfruit by popping it backward or inside out for the bulbs to show off.

See the jackfruit bulbs without seeds. This is already a good time to put it on a plate, serve and eat!

You already have the bulbs out. Now, we need to take out the seed inside. Make a cut lengthwise to the bulb. Squeeze the seed out and set aside. Put the seedless bulbs on a platter and serve! Enjoy eating!

That was not so hard now, wasn’t it?

Jackfruit has so many uses for our palate. It could be chips, a meal recipe ingredient or even served for desserts!

There are actually many ways on how to eat jackfruit. May it be jackfruit candy bars, jelly, preserves, and chips. It can also go well with fruit salads, desserts, and even appetizers. They can be chopped into bits and can even be used as something to sprinkle over your delicious ice cream.

When you are going for vegan meals, an unripe jackfruit would go well with such. Even the seeds can be eaten. Unripe jack fruits still taste really good and great for savory preparations. However, if you decide to go creative or crazy with your meals, don’t ever be afraid to try out some great recipes online that involves the jackfruit.

If you just want to eat it directly right after cutting it open, always remember to:

I hope you enjoy your Jackfruit and this article as well! You can hit like and share this to your friends and family. Enjoy or shall I say… Bon appétit!


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