ABOUT – Healthy with Danny

Here at Healthy with Danny from San Jose, CA and Beyond, we’re all about responsibly enjoying, brewing, sharing and promoting delicious craft beers and the Independent craft breweries and homebrewers that brew them. We’re about community, diversity, inclusion and celebrating what makes craft beer awesome. And we’re about education, learning and advocacy. Maybe converting too 😉 Generally being responsible, fun loving and positive. It’s also about transparency, being honest, genuine, authentic and true.

But when shit goes down and it’s downright wrong. When craft beer and everything that makes it great is co-opted by Global entities in the name of trying to still look relevant and trying to be hip, I always believe in calling BS out, telling it like it is, holding things to account and boycotting. Especially when it comes to jackin’ brands of non-willing participants in greasy Megacorporate schemes. It creates division too. It’s not cool.
No control/no monitoring/no accountability. Honestly, it upsets me.

I will always be honest and true, especially when the evidence is there.

Cheers !