Best Commercial Deli Slicer(Review 2022) – How to buy a good deli slicer?

Deli slicers were born to solve problems in the production and processing of food and deli. However, the variety of models, functions and prices of deli slicers in the market has caused many difficulties and concerns for many customers.

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That’s why many consumers worry about how to choose the best commercial deli slicer that suits their needs and uses for their commercial kitchen. The following article will list for you the top 5 most affordable deli slicers today to get more reference sources. Hopefully, this information can partly help you in choosing the right device for your needs.

Why should we invest in deli slicers?

Deli slicers have outstanding advantages such as can cut deli into beautiful and thin slices, not crumbling like the work by hand, helping your deli more professional, attractive. This is quite a compelling reason for this product line to be invested for your commercial kitchen.

With hotels, restaurants or food processing facilities, a large amount of deli is always needed every day. In order for the work to be done with certainty they will need to hire a certain amount of workforce and the higher the fee for this with large-scale facilities.

Not only that, the use of traditional methods such as manual cutting will give extremely low performance, the deli has a lot of crumbs, the aesthetics are not high because of the thin, uneven attitude, it takes time and effort. Therefore, the economic problem is how to slice deli fast and high productivity, ensure aesthetics but must to save?

So the introduction of deli slicers really helped a lot. The investment in buying these products for these facilities is worthwhile because it will get back a multitude of benefits such as:

  • The initial cost is not high compared to the cost of hiring workers to perform the job of slicing deli.
  • Long-term use if proper equipment is used, do not force the device to operate over the allowable productivity.
  • The finished slicer is cut beautifully, keeping the aesthetics, making the dish more eye-catching, saving materials, not crumbling when cutting.

How to buy a good deli slicer?

Here we will guide you to choose a deli slicer according to your needs as well as choose the best machine with the experience we will tell you below.

#1 Choose the right type

The first important criterion when choosing a deli slicer is that you have to choose the right type. There are two types of deli slicers for you to choose from: fresh meat slicers and frozen deli slicers.

Fresh deli slicer: As the type that uses the machine with a knife set of many different blades, the distance between the blades of the machine is equal, depending on the need, you can choose the blade set to cut thin slices of deli. For fitting 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm or 5mm.

Frozen deli slicert: the machine has only one big blade, the flesh will be cut into slices one by one.

#2 Choose the right yield

You should choose to buy a device that is suitable for your use needs, which will help you save the purchase cost, reduce electricity bills, take advantage of all machine’s working capabilities, ensure durability for the machine.

#3 Choose the correct set of blades

This factor is for selection of fresh deli slicers. This means that each machine will have a different set of slices of meat slices. The best advice for you is that you need to know exactly how much the blade thickness is suitable for the size of the deli you desire.

#4 Choose a reputable supplier

The most important factor is still the choice to sell the machine. This will ensure the warranty and maintenance of the machine is guaranteed to help you feel secure when using the machine.

You should also choose reputable brands, products with clear origins to avoid buying bad quality products. Or you can refer to other customer reviews to get the most intuitive look at the product you need to buy.

Top 5 Best Commercial Deli Slicer 2022

#1 VEVOR 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

If you are looking for a large capacity commercial slicer machine, don’t miss this option. This meat slicer of VEVOR has a 240 W motor that is twice the capacity of a meat slicer for home use. So this product is extremely suitable for commercial kitchens, designed for fast and continuous operation for a long time. This product can satisfy even the most demanding chefs.

This product is made of stainless steel and has parts made of cast aluminum, so it is capable of working non-stop for many hours. Rest assured, with this rugged structure, it is completely confident to cut any piece of meat in the most standard way. You will be able to own pieces of meat with the desired size in the shortest time without losing any strength.

Besides, this machine can also cut a large amount of large size meat thanks to 10-inch cutting wheels, from beef to lamb. In particular, the product also has whetstones that can sharpen the blades and can remove leftovers from it. So cleaning them becomes easier and more hygienic.

However, this product is quite heavy in size so you will have difficulty moving and storing it. The blade part also needs to be periodically sharpened to maintain the most beautiful and sharp slices.

#2 7in. Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat Slicer

If you want to save space for your commercial kitchen but still want to own high-capacity commercial deli slicers that can ensure a heavy workload for a long time, then take this product of the Valley Sportsman right away on your priority list.

This product is extremely suitable to cut ham and deli meat in large size. You can easily adjust the size of the desired piece of meat with the knob on the body. With pre-set sizes corresponding to the numbers on the knob, you can have thin slices for sandwiches or thicker slices for appetizers. So it’s easy and convenient when you can provide a large amount of deli meat for different dishes in your restaurant in the shortest time.

All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel to allow you to clean easily and disinfect each time the machine works and so that the life of the machine is also higher than other non-commercial models available on the market. In order to extend its life span, you should dry it with a soft towel after cleaning to avoid the effects of water on them.

More specifically, it also has a lockable blade protector when not in use. So ensure the safety of the chef in a busy commercial kitchen. With reasonable prices, this is probably one of the most affordable electric commercial food slicers you should invest in your commercial kitchen.

However, because there is a pass- through blade structure, it means that deli slices will be laid out on the opposite side. This can make it difficult for you to collect deli slices.

#3 BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade

If you are looking for the best slicer commercial, the answer to your choice is the BESWOOD meat slicer. This is a model in the high-end segment, extremely suitable for use in commercial kitchens that require high daily use.

The machine is made entirely from heavy stainless steel to ensure outstanding durability up to tens of years. With the blade section made of chromium carbon steel for the most excellent sharpness and the most outstanding of the other meat slicers on the market.

This machine can confidently handle a large amount of ham, deli or turkey breast in just a few minutes. With a 240 W engine it can create thin slices for sandwiches or other sizes that suit your food quickly and easily.

In addition, the machine also has a blade protector when not in use to ensure absolute safety for employees and chefs from accidents while working.

Because of its large capacity, the device has a heavy weight, so you will have trouble moving and preserving it. It also occupies quite an area in your commercial kitchen so you should fix it in a cool place and avoid wet places to avoid the factors that reduce its lifespan. But also because of the heavy weight, it will ensure that the machine is not moved on the kitchen surface while operating, so this is not too big a defect.

#4 F2C Professional Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

Are you having difficulty finding a commercial grade meat slicer with a large capacity and less noise? Don’t worry because we’ll show you that product right away.

This is a product of F2C with a 10-inch blade model designed specifically for professional kitchens and high demand for everyday use. With this product, you can comfortably communicate with staff and other chefs while the machine is operating with great capacity.

This product of F2C has a 240 W engine and the blade is capable of rotating 530 revolutions per minute, making it capable of handling large pieces of meat into thin and ultra-fine slices in an extremely short period of time. You can also observe the operation of the blade and the width of the slice thanks to the transparent guard. So you can closely monitor the operation of the machine and make timely adjustments as needed.

You can also change the size of the meat piece based on the body knob with the same number attached to the desired width.

The guard is fixed by the lock knob so you can remove it for cleaning. You can also lock them tightly to ensure absolute safety when the blade works. So this deserves to be one of the most desirable meat slicers for your commercial kitchen.

Just like other commercial products, it is quite large and very heavy in size, so you can’t move it easily. And the blade part also needs to sharpen periodically to be able to keep the best sharpness.

#5 KWS MS-10NS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer

If all of these products do not meet your criteria, please refer to this product by KitchenWare Station. This is a high-end commercial meat slicer, with a great capacity and especially an automatic grinding blade.

This is probably the product line that has the most outstanding features compared to many other products currently available in the market. With a 320 W engine it allows you to own a large amount of beef, lamb or deli meat in extremely short periods of time.

With parts made of cast steel, the blade section made of high quality stainless steel and the base is made of aluminum alloy that allows it to be lightweight and durable. If properly stored and sanitized, this machine can extend life up to tens of years without any problems.

Of course, the product also comes with standard safety features like the previous products, but it has a special feature of special blade sharpening. So you don’t have to sharpen the blade often to maintain sharpness. And this is also one of the few low-noise commercial machines in an enclosed space.

Despite its low weight, it still occupies a considerable space in your commercial kitchen. However, this is still worthy of being one of your priority products when it comes to commercial meat slicers.

What is the general structure of deli slicer?

The models have the same general structure so in this article we will introduce the structure of the most basic deli slicer:

#1 Machine frame

The chassis can be made from monolithic steel or aluminum or stainless steel with the bottom attached to the rubber to prevent vibration, noise and protect internal components better.

#2 Blades for slicing

The blade is usually in the form of a round disc with a size of 250- 300mm (depending on the type of machine), made from monolithic steel and therefore has a very sharp blade.

#3 Motor

The motor part is integrated right below the machine, which acts as an engine to help rotate the blade.

#4 Meat slide

Is a deli container before slicing.

#5 Meat tray

Meat tray that helps deli after cutting is safe and hygienic.

What is the operating principle deli slicer?

#1 Operation principle of semi-automatic machines:

With this type of machine you need to pay attention before pressing the task, turn the button to adjust the thickness of the meat slice cut from 0.5 -12mm. When the adjustment button has been screwed to the correct size, the section of the meat support table moves forward or backwards to create an opening compared to the blade section, this is the thickness of the cut piece of meat. Complete the adjustment of the meat section to slide on the trough, use your hand to keep the meat from slipping from the trough.

Then press the power button, the device’s blade will spin quickly at a constant speed, hold the meat tightly and push the slide to the blade. When the meat slips through the blade, it is cut into thin slices and falls to the back of the body. Note: The handheld meat cutter for sliced ​​meat is 1 to several slices / cut depending on the amount of meat to be placed on the slide to contact the blade.

#2 Operation principle of automatic machine:

The principle of automatic operation is similar to that of a semi-automatic machine. However, with this model after fixed the deli on the machine, users only need to press the start button and then the device will automatically slide the meat tray to cut meat without the need of user to support it.

What should you pay attention to when using deli slicers?

#1 Before use

To ensure safety, we should check the blade of the deli slicer and the meat compartment. Checking the plug and power of the device is also a very important thing.

Also need to pay attention to the size of the deli pieces to make sure it fits meat tray.

#2 In use

Since the blade of the device is very sharp, you should take care not to do anything and do not let children close to the deli slicer when the machine is operating.

Do not use the machine to chop bone because it may damage the machine or break the blade.

Put the machine in a flat, well-ventilated position, avoiding the deli slicer from falling during the machine’s operation.

#3 Machine cleaning process

Before cleaning the machine, turn off and unplug the power of the machine to make sure it is no longer operating, ensuring safety for machine cleaning.

Use a clean towel to wipe the blade and the meat tray. Then, dry the deli slicer with a dry towel, and place it in a well-ventilated place.

#4 Machine preservation process

Do not place the device in damp places to avoid rotting parts of the deli slicer.

Machine should be dry before storage. Especially the blade section of the deli slicer needs to be cleaned.


Hopefully, the introduction and review of commercial deli slicers will help you better understand the product and can choose for yourself the best product on the market.