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Best Home Meat Slicer Review 2021: Who Makes The Best One?

A home meat slicer is extremely useful for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time slicing meat with evenly equal thickness. It can also help you slice deli, bacon or other meats quickly and you will get identical cuts of meat.

For home use, you don’t need an industrial meat slicer. Instead, the best home meat slicer will be able to do a lot for you. And it’s also less bulky and much cheaper.

There are many types of home use meat slicers on the market today, but that same variety will make it difficult for many people to find the best. So we have prepared a list of best meat slicer for home use reviews so that it is easier for those with less experience to choose.

Top 10 Best Home Meat Slicer Review 2021

#1 OSTBA Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

This home electric meat slicer from OSTBA is a premium model and has outstanding durability. It is a suitable choice for those who really want to find a quality model that can be used for a long time.

All the parts from this home meat slicer are made of high quality material and long lasting. The body of this home deli meat slicer is made from anodized aluminum and the blade part is made from stainless steel.

They are all safe materials and are not easily destroyed. Anodized aluminum is strong enough to withstand the pressure from around it and is also easy to clean and maintain.

Stainless steel blades are very durable, sharp and rust-free. It can be easily cut meats of equal size. However, you should not sharpen this blade as often.

#2 BESWOOD Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

This model from BESWOOD is considered the best commercial meat slicer for home use. BESWOOD is a reputable manufacturer and they know how to satisfy their customers with quality products.

This home meat slicer has a powerful 240 watt motor to get the job done quickly. It is designed with V-belt drive and rubber feet to hold the meat slicer steady while it is active, reducing vibration and noise.

Besides this, this model is also made from material with high strength and high pressure resistance. The body of this slicer is made of aluminum, anti-rust and the 10 inch blade is made from chromium-plated carbon steel.

This blade is so powerful, it easily cuts the meat into evenly 0.5 inch slices with minimal time. It performs 282 cuts per minute.

However this model is not a budget option but it is worth investing in a model of high quality and outstanding longevity.

#3 NESCO Stainless Steel Food Slicer

If you are looking for the best home meat slicer for the money then this model from NESCO is the ideal choice. Not only is it a home meat slicer that comes with a budget option, it also has a decent quality of performance.

This model is made from good materials which makes its lifespan significantly prolong. The body of this home meat slicer is made from cast aluminum while the blade and meat tray are made from stainless steel.

These materials are water-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. It has a 180 Watt motor maximizing speed and cutting force. Combining with the 8.7 inch blade will quickly get the job done.

You can also adjust the thickness of the sand slices, up to 0.56 inches maximum. The stainless steel blade is very sharp and can be easily sliced ​​apart from meats.

However this model does not come with a blade guard, so you should be careful when working with it and store it in a safe place when not in use.

#4 Continental Electric Pro Series Meat Slicer

This model from Continental Electric is considered as the best home meat slicer under $ 100, it is a suitable option for those on a limited budget. It is a very compact and versatile home meat slicer, weighing only 10 pounds so you can move it around with ease.

This home meat slicer has a 150 watt motor that doesn’t make any unpleasant noise when it comes to operation. The 7.5 inch stainless steel blade easily penetrates thick layers of meat and does not take long to finish its job.

It measures 16.8 x 10.8 x 12 inches, and can be easily placed on the kitchen counter or many other areas in the home kitchen. This model is easy to clean and maintain.

However, the material that makes this home meat slicer is not as appreciated as the other models on this list. But a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer is another utility.

#5 Chefman Electric Deli & Food Home Use Slice Meat

When it comes to the best meat slicer for home use, we can’t miss the Chefman products. This model from Chefman is a best home meat and cheese slicer. And if you are looking for a slicer that can work with a variety of foods, this is the best choice.

This model can quickly cut and slice meats, cheese, veggies and other foods so you can prepare instant meals for your family. It comes with a 180 watt motor that is powerful and low noise.

The stainless steel blade is surprisingly sharp and durable. This 8.6 inch blade can slice foods with a single swipe. It also has removable tags and is safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.

The body of this model is made from cast aluminum which offers high strength and is easy to clean. It also has a blade guard and other safety features. The non-slip feet are also guaranteed to hold this slicer firmly when it works.

#6 ARKSEN Premium Electric Home Meat Slicer

This model from ARKSEN is also a best at home meat slicer that is extremely suitable for families on a limited budget and wishing to use meat slicers on a daily basis. This home meat slicer not only looks good but its performance is just as good.

It comes with a 180 watts motor, combined with a 7.5 inch serrated blade for increased speed and efficiency. This stainless steel blade is very sharp and can slice food to even size. The size of the slices can be adjusted to a maximum thickness of 0.62 inches.

It also has a compact design and is easy to clean. However it doesn’t come with a blade guard and a plastic meat tray is also not appreciated.

#7 Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer

This electric home meat slicer from Maxi-Matic is also a suitable model for the home kitchen. It’s a meat slicer that’s well-designed for most commercial kitchens and comes at a premium price point.

This model works with a 130 watt motor and a 7.5 inch blade made from stainless steel. This sharp blade can slice food into even slices with a maximum thickness of up to 0.5 inches.

The body is made of cast aluminum, doesn’t rust and is easy to clean. However, the meat tray and some other plastic parts are not appreciated. And it also doesn’t come with a blade guard.

#8 Chef’sChoice Food Slicer

Chef’sChoice is also a reputable manufacturer and they also own quality meat slicers. This model is one of them. It is manufactured based on rigorous standards for best performance.

The stainless blade of this model is quite special, it can easily penetrate food and produce evenly and definitive slices. This 7 inch blade can produce slices up to 0.6 inch in size.

In particular, with the gravity-feed design, you can tilt the camera 30 degrees to easily create beautiful slices with bread, vegetables or fruit.

However, a 100 watts motor is likely to be a bit low for some large families. It also doesn’t come at a friendly price, but in return it does come with a child safety switch.

#9 SuperHandy Meat Slicer

This home meat slicer from SuperHandy is a compact, flexible and detachable model. It’s compact and portable enough to carry around on trips and camping. This model can work with many different foods.

The sharp and durable 6.7-inch blade works safely in a plastic guard. The food tray is large and can be folded easily.

However, many people do not appreciate it when almost the entire meat slicer is made from plastic. And the capacity of this model is a bit low at 100 watts.

#10 Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

Cuisinart is a renowned global manufacturer and it places great emphasis on the quality of its products to provide the best customer experience. And this model is a beautifully designed home meat slicer with outstanding quality.

It is a premium home meat slicer with the body made from cast aluminum. The 7.5 inch blade can easily penetrate any food, including frozen meats. It can thickness of food up to 0.5 inches and of course you can adjust this thickness.

This blade is also detachable for easy cleaning and sharpening. It is made of stainless steel so it does not rust easily and retains a long-lasting sharpness.

However, at such a premium price, this model still has a lot of plastic parts, which reduces the life of the meat slicer and is harder to clean.

How To Clean Home Meat Slicer?

The home meat slicer is a kitchen utensil, so you need to ensure food hygiene and safety. If you do not clean it properly, leftover food, especially raw meat, will cause the pollution and the production of pathogenic bacteria.

These bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, but they cause very serious effects on human health. Cases of severe food poisoning do indeed require a lot of treatment.

But many people do not know how to properly clean their meat slicer for home use and that is really dangerous. Cleaning the meat slicer properly is not as difficult as many people think and all you need to do is observe and pay more attention.

The first thing you should do is make sure your hands are safe. You can use cut-resistant gloves to both protect your hands and be easily manipulated. The cut-resistant gloves are available on the market or you can purchase them with invoices from some meat slicer manufacturers.

For those meat slicers with detachable blades, the job is a lot easier for you. Just use soap and warm water to clean it like any other kitchen utensil. You just need to take safety precautions when cleaning it.

As for meat slicers that cannot be removed from the blade, first start by setting the thickness of the blade to the minimum. Next is to wipe the dirt and grease from both sides of the blade.

Continue to disassemble other parts such as meat tray, blade guard for cleaning. You should also check that these parts and the blade are safe for use in the dishwasher (fast, convenient).

After cleaning, use disinfectant spray to ensure all potential leftover hazard is completely eliminated. This is also the time to perform the maintenance of the meat slicer.

Who Makes The Best Home Meat Slicer?

The above list is not ordered by any priority as we find both home meat slicers to be the best in a way. On the market there are also many manufacturers that can provide good models to the market.

But if we were asked who produces the best home meat silcer we would go with BESWOOD. They are a manufacturer very knowledgeable about user psychology and their products all meet the absolute requirements from customers.

The BESWOOD model we show you above is the most comprehensive good on the list. It’s not exactly a budget choice but when it comes to performance quality and other outstanding criteria like durability, design, it’s the best.

BESWOOD Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer will bring the best user experience. Not only that, it doesn’t require much effort to preserve and store.

The above is our objective opinion, although for some it is not the best option. But whatever you decide, you should ensure food safety and safety for your family.

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