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Best Commercial Electric Fillet Knife 2021 [Review]: How To Sharpen Electric Fillet Knife Properly?

Choosing the best commercial electric fillet knife is not an easy task. Currently on the market there are many types of commercial electric fillet knives available in a variety of models and prices. If you are wondering, can not make a decision to choose any model, do not worry, there are many people like you.

We have spent a lot of efforts to synthesize and evaluate and select the most ideal commercial electric fillet knives. All of these reviews are based on actual research and the most objective reviews.

Below are the best commercial electric fish fillet knives according to our reviews.


Top 5 Best Commercial Electric Fillet Knife 2021 [Review]

#1 Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife (Editor’s Choice)

We really love this commercial grade electric fillet knife from Bubba, and so do the fishermen. It is a very versatile electric fillet knife and offers a wide range of user benefits.

This commercial electric fillet knife uses a lithium-ion battery so you do not need to connect it to any electrical outlet. This allows for a much faster, simpler fish fillet to be used. No more clutter, entanglement with long wires.

This electric fillet comes with two lithium-ion batteries so you can use them alternately. These batteries also have a considerable lifespan and strong capacity for this electric fillet knife to function properly.

It also comes with 4 different blades so you can handle a wider variety of fish. Including two hard blades for you to handle large fish, saltwater fish and tough meat. The remaining two curved blades are suitable for handling smaller fish and freshwater fish.

According to our actual reviews, all four blades are very sharp, easy to sharpen and replace quickly.

But we believe that the capacity of this knife is not strong enough to be able to handle continuous heavy duty.

#2 Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife (Heavy Duty Motor)

If you need a commercial electric fillet knife for your heavy duty then we highly recommend this model. It was a heavy duty motor fillet knife that could simply handle huge volumes of fish.

Our favorite feature of this model is its energetic engine. With its unique airflow design, this commercial electric fillet knife does not heat up even if it has to be worked for a long time and continuously. This cooling design will also help prolong the engine’s life.

Besides, it also has an anti-vibration design when in operation, that will help the user to control the fillet knife easily and not fatigue.

This electric fillet comes with a stainless steel serrated blade that can handle large fish, thick meat in a snap. It is especially useful on large-scale saltwater fishing trips.

However, this commercial electric fillet knife is not the most ideal fillet knife to handle small, freshwater fish.

#3 Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife (Budget Option)

If you have a limited budget then do not skip this commercial electric fillet knife from Mister Twister. It is a cheap electric fillet knife but still fulfills the requirements in a quality model.

This electric fillet knife has a simple design, easy to maintain and maintain. It has an outstanding neon color, allowing you to find it fastest.

The 7 inch long blade works well with a wide variety of fish. You can also replace other blades to suit special types of fish. It has a convenient blade release and a safety lock, minimizing user accidents.

However, we find that this commercial electric fillet knife’s wire is quite short so we do not find it too flexible and convenient.

#4 American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife (Powerful Motor)

American Angler is a famous brand and we added this electric fillet knife to our test list and were really amazed by its quality. It is one of the most powerful and quality electric fillet knives.

This commercial electric fillet knife has a titanium-coated stainless steel blade, has an impressive durability, is anti-rust and stays sharp for a long time. This blade is powerful enough to handle large fish and thickest fibers.

We really love this blade because it doesn’t discolor or deform after much maintenance. It is also easy to replace.

Non-slip rubber grip, designed to provide user comfort when holding. It is also equipped with a fan feature that prevents the handle from getting hot while the engine is running.

#5 Hamilton Beach Electric Knife (Great Design)

Hamilton Beach is a popular brand and they have quality cutlery products. And if you are looking for a commercial electric fillet knife with good looks and design, this is the ideal choice.

It has a very luxurious design, simple but still meets the requirements of a commercial electric fillet knife. It is more suitable for working in a kitchen than operating on a fishing boat.

This electric fillet can work with fish, meats and breads. Just plug in the power and this fillet knife will do its job. It doesn’t require any complicated settings or you don’t have to study the manual for hours.

This pattern comes with a carving fork that makes your fillet easier. This fork won’t damage any meat or fish, it just helps to hold the ingredients in place for quicker handling.

It also comes with a sturdy carrying case for convenient storage and handling of this electric fillet knife. The 6 feet long power cord is also a plus as it doesn’t get in the way of your work, and your work isn’t interrupted halfway through the battery drain.

However we do not appreciate the handle of this electric fillet knife. It is quite slippery so you should be careful when handling it, especially when your hands are greasy. And it is also not suitable for outdoor use.

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How To Sharpen Electric Fillet Knife Properly?

When preparing a fish or meat fillet, there’s nothing worse than a blunt knife. Not only did it not help much, but it also slid easily, causing danger to your fingers.

So it is essential that you know how to turn things around easily without having to go out and buy a new replacement knife. That is to sharpen the blunt fillet knife for the smoothest cuts. Your assistant in this is a grinding wheel that you can find at any kitchen appliance store. Or a sharpener.

Most grinding wheels have two sides: a coarse and smooth one.

First, put the rough side of the rock on top. Lubricate and clean the blade (usually water). Your dominant hand holds the knife and the blade is facing forward, 20 degrees above the grinding wheel. The other hand is placed on the surface of the knife and presses lightly on the grinding wheel, grinding again about 15 to 20 times. Repeat with the other side of the blade.

Keep the traction force and the drag angle unchanged during grinding. Uses moderate force and does not require body force. The sharp blade will cut off the peel of the tomato with the slightest movement and use the least amount of force.

After grinding is complete, use a thick cloth to wipe away any water, oil, or iron dust that falls off during knife grinding to ensure the safety of food processing.

How To Fish Fillet Properly?

The freshest fish to cook is when they are removed from their natural habitat. But not everyone can prepare such fresh fish, you can instead buy whole fish at supermarkets and fillet them.

According to the experience of fishermen and professional chefs, the knife used to fill should not be too sharp because it is easy to cut off the fishbone, causing danger to the enjoyers.

To properly fill the fish fillet, first place the fish on a cutting board and start cutting from the prong / gill. Press lightly on the knife to see that you have reached the fishbone and shifted vertically to the fish.

Gently move the thin slices along the spine and cut around the chest to separate the fish fillet. Turn the other side to do the same, we get two fillets.

Then divide the parts of the two fillets equally according to your wishes and needs.

Note because the fish belly is thinner, it will cook faster (when preparing fried dishes) and more fat, so we separate this thin part, you can use this belly to cook broth.

However, if you use fillets to make steamed or fish cakes, you can keep the fish’s belly. In the opinion of many professional chefs, steaming fish is a method of retaining all the taste of fish compared to baking, keeping the moisture of fish meat and further health benefits. The most ideal way is to steam.

When boiling water to steam the fish, you should use low heat to gently boil the water. When using high heat to boil the water, too much steam will dry the fish meat. A medium-sized fillet will take 4 to 5 minutes to cook from the inside out. Add sauce or salt, pepper and olive oil to flavor your dish.

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