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Best commercial shaved ice machine(Review 2021) – 7 ways to choose will make you happy

You can easily grind large and hard ice cubes to create small, smooth ice which is used to make smoothies, yogurt, syrup and many more refreshments with a best commercial ice shaver.

Currently the demand to buy and use this type of ice shaver is extremely large. However, in the market there are too many types of shaved ice machines with different designs and functions that make consumers feel overwhelmed, confused and do not know whether to choose best commercial shaved ice machine. What kind is good? Do not worry! The following articles will help you get the criteria to find the best ice shaver.

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What is the shaved ice machine?

Shaved ice is a favorite refreshment of many people, regardless of age and gender, especially during high-temperature summer days. With this dish, you can prepare them with only a knife or scraper, and a large block of ice. However, this way can hurt your fingers and making them is a process of effort. So the shaved ice machine was born, saving your time and effort to make the best cups of shaved ice by the safest way.

The inside and the blade storage compartment design below the safe isolation of the user, the size of the shaved ice is small or not depending on the blades and the speed of operation of the machine.

How to choose the most suitable Shaved Ice Machine?

Currently on the market there are many types of shaved ice machines with many models, features, designs, durability from many different brands, users will have many choices but to choose to buy the best shaved ice machine which is suitable for your use is not simple, the following criteria will be necessary to evaluate the purchase of shaved ice machine.

#1 Suitable for use:

The shaved ice now has a lot of different sizes and how much ice do you want to create for one operation? You should choose the size of the machine after carefully considering how much shaved ice is used for your demand.

Depending on the purpose and the need to use the number of shaved ice daily and in one cell of a family or business shop, the electric shaved ice machine will be an appropriate solution for shops and business establishments. And with a low demand for household use, a compact manual shaved ice would be the right choice.

Large-sized machines can create large volumes of shaved ice at one operation but occupy large storage space. With a small one, you cannot produce enough shaved ice to meet the demand after just one cell but take up less storage space. Therefore, please select the size of the machine according to the number of family members and the frequency of using the machine.

With electric shaved machine users need to pay attention to the engine, the appropriate engine power, the capacity of about 300 – 500w is suitable not too expensive power but still meet the needs, The machine capacity will determine the rotation speed of the blade, usually from 2000 – 3000 rpm, for the snow and smooth ice effect.

#2 Check the ice plane blade:

In the process of selecting a good shaved ice machine, the test of blade performance is equally important. If a blade has good sharpness and is able to adjust angles, you can easily create smooth ice with the desired texture.

Besides, the stainless, hard and durable blade will be a basic requirement to create a good stone planer that can be used for a long time. And even if the blade is broken, you can easily find and replace with another blade of the same type instead of having to remove the machine and buy another new machine, saving you a significant amount of money.

Current shaved ice machines usually have design of single-blade or 2-blades, the single-blade will produce shaved ice larger than 2-blade type.

2-blade planer will give more smooth ice but the price will be more expensive than the other type, user needs to pay attention to the material of blade: stainless steel or aluminum alloy with high durability against strong impact affecting the shef life.

#3 Pay attention to the material of shaved ice machine:

The material of shaved ice machine depends on the model which is produced from different materials, manual shaved ice machine is usually high quality hard plastic or ABS plastic containing no toxic chemical components, while electronic shaved ice machine is made from cast iron, stainless steel, stainless alloy, ensure food safety and hygiene for users.

#4 Pay attention to the safety features:

The design of the machine should ensure safety for every user, the ice storage compartment and the blade need to be deep down to limit exposure when using, you should also check the machine equipped with the lever and cover to avoid ice being thrown out.

You should choose a model with a simple design that is easy to use especially those with a button page when you have a problem. You should also pay attention to the compact and easy-to-clean machines that can help you save cleaning time.

#5 Determine which machine corresponds to which type of ice:

The structure of varies shaved ice machine depending on which ice it is compatible with, big or small ice. With small ice, because of being grind quickly, it is not too smooth when eating. With large ice cubes, you need to make ice with a dedicated cup attached to a shaved ice machine, unfortunately not being able to enjoy it right away when you want to eat. However, you can grind thinly and equally, so you can create smooth and snow ice flakes.

So choose the type of ice to grind in accordance with the ice machine to produce the shaved ice suitable for your taste.

#6 Price and brand of shaved ice machine:

Choosing to buy shaved ice machine, users also need to note the top priority for genuine shaved ice making equipment, from reputable brands.

Avoid buying products of unknown origin that are unsure of durability, inefficient engine power, unsafe features and materials. You should check the machine warranty policy from brand, this is essential for you to use the machine in a long and effective way.

How much is the shaved ice machine? Currently, shaved ice machine cost from $30 to $3000, customers should consider prices in accordance with family or business financial expenses, price standards comparing products with the same specifications and characteristics from different brands for long-term and effective use.

#7 Choose commercial shaved ice machine for business use:

Shaved ice machines are often used in households or for business use. The machines used in home are designed to produce only a small amount of shaved ice, but for business use, you must use a machine capable of producing a large amount of ice. Ideal for use at festivals, events, stalls, cafes, bars. And this is also a machine that can be used for a long time because of its high durability.

You can even use commercial machines for home use if it’s a compact size. For those who care about performance, such as when preparing for the event, we recommend that you consult the reviews or watch videos online to find out best commercial shaved ice machine reviews.

Top 5 Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine 2021

#1 Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine and Syrup 6 Flavor Party Package

Hawaii Shaved Ice S900A versatile sahved ice machine is an easy-to-use electric product. This product provides users with two round molds that are used to freeze ice into circular masses, which are then quickly and softly grind as snow. The planed ice is ideal for slushies, ice flakes, margarita and interesting drinks that can be made during hot summer days.

This type of machine is considered as one of the best commercial Hawaiian shaved ice machine avaiable on the market.

Hawaiian shaved ice machine comes with 1 year genuine warranty. This machine is a countertop design that is easy to operate and can be easily mixed with modern kitchen furniture.

It’s convenient for users just put the ice into and then press the start button, so you already own a delicious ice flake in a short time. It also doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen, but it can be neatly placed on the kitchen counter. The product size includes 8 x 6.8 x 12 inches while it weighs only 3 pounds. This is the perfect shaved ice machine for families with children since you can go to a variety of slushies and drinks throughout the summer.

With operation, when in use, you’ll have to simply fill the round ice molds with water and freeze overnight or until it has been freezed. All you have to do is place a block of frozen ice in the ice chopper and press down gently on the assembly engine. You will shave the ice that is soft like snow within a few seconds. This model includes adjustable stainless steel blades that allow a smooth process, while they can be easily replaced. The S900A shaved ice machine can be plugged into any standard plug-in household power line while it has been manufactured according to North American electrical standards.

#2 Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker

Founded in 2001, Nostalgia Electrics started with the invention of carnival popcorn machine that depicts the classic style in past festivals and rapid success. Today, the Nostalgia electronic brand produces nearly 100 different products, and is shipped to more than 35 countries worldwide. From popcorn machines, chocolate fountains, and fondue machines for cotton candy production machines. With the brooch “every day is a party”, Nostalgia is trying to bring products that produce fast and convenient food to your family.

The syrup ice flake with some fresh fruit is a popular beverage and is loved by all children around the world, but nothing better than these shaved ices is made right in your family’s kitchen. With SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker of Nostalgia- which is considerd as the best commercial snow cone machine, you can easily prepare up to 20 colorful snow corns at a time for your kids.

This product is designed in a classic style, bearing the shape of cars selling ice cream during festivals in the US in the 1900s. Design with 2 black wheels as racks, transparent cases help you easy to see the amount of smooth-grained snow falling down, above is where the modern engine of the machine works, you just need to open the lid, put cold ice in the center position, close it and press the start button. And the final step is that you open the case and shovel the snow into a cone, side with two fixed cup holders.

This product is suitable for commercial use or for parties for children. With a large amount of shaved ice that it can produce, about 20 snow corns, this product can confidently give users interesting experiences.

#3 Commercial Dual Stainless Steel Blade Electric Ice Shaver Maker

The attraction of this machine compared to other models of electric motors of the same type is beautifully designed with the material completely from shiny stainless steel and anti-rust, durable. In addition, a long and wider crushing ice will help you increase the productivity of a shaved ice machine twice as much as other types.

Although the price is high, the machine has a 350W matching performance with a rotation speed of 1420 runs/ min. This machine is really sturdy and durable, it can easily grind ice into snow with 2 stainless steel blades. Besides, the switch with waterproof rubber layer will ensure more safety for you during use. You can also use it to grind other vegetables and fruits, saving you a considerable amount of time and setting in professional kitchen spaces like smoothies, ice cream shops.

#4 SUPER DEAL Ice Shaved Machine Snow Cone Maker

The charm of this compact SUPER DEAL shaved ice machine is that it can produce up to 65 kg of shaved ice within an hour, suitable for home use and small business activities like a restaurant.

The operation process is also very simple, you just need to gently push the lever to the maximum and turn on the switch to the ice grinder, with this convenient design, you do not have to study complex instructions. In addition, the compact exterior design is nearly the same as a blender, you can easily move and place in any position.

It has a high efficiency and high capacity for a shaved ice machine, sharp blade will give smooth ice quality, and made of high quality material with high durability, absolute safe for health.

Besides the simple design, the machine is highly appreciated for smooth operation, low noise, easy to clean with the competitive price in the market. The downside of this product is that they are quite heavy, the volume is 11.6 pounds, inconvenient when moving and cleaning.

#5 ZENY Electric Ice Shaver Stainless Steel

The first highlight of this machine is the design of stainless steel shaving blade which improves the efficiency of ice shaving while ensuring shaved ice is soft and fine. Moreover, the blade is placed on a smart slider, making it easy to adjust the blade thickness to produce smooth or large ice depending on the need of use.

If you need a shaved ice machine to serve your business needs, this deserves to be the top candidate for you to choose because the machine can reach a maximum capacity of up to 300W and a rotation speed of 1400 runs/min, works faster and more powerful than other machines. Because the whole body is made of a special stainless steel material with high durability and quality, the operation is very stable, which helps stabilize the cell process and avoid shaking when used.

Although the machine is easy to clean and really convenient, it still has a weakness that needs to be overcome.  The shaved ice is easily dissolved when they are falling on the disk. If the body is higher, the shaved ice can be put directly into the cup which can help the shaved ice stay longer.

Electric shaved ice machine or Manual shaved ice machine?

There are many different types of shaved ice machine and what are the features of the machine you need to pay attention to? For details, follow the instructions on how to select the shaved ice machine below.

#1 Electric Shaved Ice Machine: Shaved Ice Made In A Short Time

This type of shaved ice machine using electric motors can produce smooth shaved ice without using the force of the hands. Since most products work with a single start button, it helps you avoid the hassle of turning the handle and cutting ices. You can also freely adjust the angle of the blade to produce different types of shaved ice such as snow or smooth.

However, the electric shaved ice machine contains more parts than the manual type, so it is more difficult to take care and clean the machine. In addition, battery-powered machines can be selected if the location is used far away from the power outlet. Therefore, before buying the machine, check the length of the wire to avoid trouble later.

This machine is suitable for commercial needs, needing to produce a large amount of shaved ice in a short time.

#2 Manual Shaved Ice Machine: Affordable Price

Recommended for those who want to enjoy the cool atmosphere and the great results they create. Hand ice making machine has an inner compartment with a blade, above with a lever and a lower tray. For this type of machine, you must use the power to push the lever during the planing process.

This is the perfect machine for outdoor activities such as camping, barbecues because it can create shavedcice wherever you are. In addition, the price of this type of machine is also much cheaper than that of electric type, easier to clean and disassemble operation is also an advantage.

However, during operation if any ice is stuck in the blade and adjusting the blade angle by hand can lead to damage to both the blade and the handle, so be extra careful when manipulation.

Tips for making shaved ice always smooth and spongy

Even when a shaved ice machine advertised to be able to produce smooth shaved ice quality, there are times when it is difficult to produce smooth and spongy as expected. However, you can create smoothness for shaved ice with a little ingenuity, we will disclose to you shortly.

First of all, in the ice making process, use soft water instead of tap water. Because in daily tap water contains calcium, it is not suitable for smooth ice making. So use soft water like mineral water and add a little sugar into.

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar to 200ml of water and proceed to freeze, you will get smoother quality when grated.

Finally, do not use ice to scrape immediately after removing from the refrigerator. When the ice surface begins to melt a little, it is the best time to proceed. With 3 tips that we have shown you, you will be able to give yourself a smooth batch of shaved ice.

Notes when using shaved ice machine at home

Shaved ice machine has a fairly simple operating principle, so many people often do not pay attention to how to use it properly and effectively. Here are the notes when using a shaved ice machine that users should know:

– Using the right voltage for an electric shaved ice machine, avoid short-circuit or overload to ignite the motor.

– Place the device in a firm, level place to safely handle the machine, avoiding shaking.

– Ice should not be too hard, the size of ice about 5 – 7cm is moderate for smooth ice flakes and more porous.

– Clean shaved ice machine daily after using to avoid mold, accumulated dirt and dirt stains.


Shved ice machine is a great assistant for cool refreshments that you can easily process at home in the hot summer. You can also choose the type of machine to create your favorite shaved ice, such as snow flakes or smooth ice flakes.

You can also create a variety of variations with syrup ice flakes or other flavors. In addition, to enrich the menu of drinks for your family, why not try to make things that you have eaten in restaurants. But first let’s start with choosing your own best shaved ice machine based on our suggestions!

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