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Best Fillet Knife For Walleye 2021 [Review]: How to Safely Use Fillet Knife?

To clean walleye fish, what you are indispensable is the best fillet knife for walleye. But with the growing popularity of fillet knife brands, it will be difficult for many people to choose the best.

There are dozens of fillet knife manufacturers on the market today, and if you don’t have the experience, you are more likely to buy one that is not suitable. That’s why we wrote this article.

We have spent a lot of time learning about the various fillets knife for walleye that are available in the market. We then selected the best ones to make the list below.

Top 5 Best Fillet Knife For Walleye 2021 [Review]

#1 Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife (Editor’s Choice)

This is a quality fillet knife for walleye that comes with an affordable price that we think will be able to please many. With this fillet knife, you will be able to quickly clean the walleye and deliver the most professional handling.

It is a stainless steel fillet knife with a durable and convenient design. You do not need to sharpen it many times as it retains its sharpness for a long time of use.

This material is stainless and non-stick. The slightly curved blade allows you to easily clean the fish. The long, pointed blade easily penetrates even the thickest of the flesh.

The handle is made of high quality, anti-slip material. So you can comfortably manipulate when your hands are greasy without having to worry about the safety of your fingers.

However, the small and narrow blade does not create too favorable conditions for you to clean large fish.

#2 Rapala 4 soft grip fillet knife (Textured Handle)


This is a fillet knife especially suitable for high intensity work and you can count on the quality of this product. It’s also a reliable product that comes with an affordable price tag that many people can afford.

With this knife, the long and sharp blade will help you quickly and easily clean the walleye fish. It is strong and durable to handle large workloads.

The compact size of this fillet allows you to carry it with you. It is perfect for carrying on off-shore fishing or fishing trips.

The stainless steel blade has a long lasting sharpness, no need to sharpen many times. This is a big plus that many fishermen like. In addition, the thermoplastic handle with a soft design allows you to easily operate continuously without wrist pain.

#3 DALSTRONG Fillet Knife 7″ Flexible Blade (High Quality)

This fillet knife from DALSTRONG can deliver both quality and performance. DALSTRONG is a reputable manufacturer and you can count on the quality of their products.

It is a fillet knife made of high-quality, durable material. It can work with a variety of fish, including walleye fish. This fillet knife is also suitable for working in professional kitchens.

The 7 inch high-carbon German steel blade can quickly and easily cut through the thickest of meat without much effort. It offers the most professional and sharp cuts, sure to please you.

It is also the best designed fillet knife on this list according to our review. It is also very flexible and durable.

This fillet knife comes with a sturdy cover and can keep you safe when you carry it with you. Removing the cover will also help you store the fillet properly, helping to extend its life.

However it is a quality fillet knife that comes with a pretty high price point, not a budget option.

#4 Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife Grey/Black (Heavy Duty Motor)

An electric fillet knife is something a fisherman or commercial chef will need in their lifetime. And this electric knife from Rapala is definitely an ideal choice to free your wrists from pressure and fatigue. It is the fastest, easiest and most optimal way to clean large quantities of walleye fish.

This electric fillet knife is designed to clean a wide variety of fish. It can easily penetrate the hardest and thickest meats. You won’t have to spend a lot of effort to get the heavy work done.

This electric fillet knife has a super powerful motor, it is durable and stable even when completing a large amount of work. The blade is made of strong and durable material, it retains its sharpness for a long time.

It comes at a decent price compared to other electric fillets on the market. However, the weakness of this electric fillet knife is that it is susceptible to overheating. So please learn how to use and preserve properly to prolong the life of the product.

#5 Dexter-Russell SG142-8TE-PCP Sofgrip Tiger Edge Slicer (NSF certified)

Dexter-Russell is a reputable manufacturer and their products always receive high praise from their customers. Many customers often joke that you will almost never make a mistake if you own a Dexter knife.

This fillet knife is made of high quality and durable material. It can easily clean a variety of fish of different sizes. It can also fillet neatly, professionally frozen fish. With this fillet knife, you will achieve high work efficiency.

Besides, this fillet blade is very sharp, can play a good role as a bait knife. It also doesn’t require you to sharpen regularly to maintain high performance.

The handle is designed with curves that are ideal for a comfortable grip. This design also helps to reduce pressure on the wrist, anti-slip to protect fingers safely during handling.

This fillet knife comes at a fairly cheap price for a quality fillet knife. However it does not come with a cover so you can take it safely on your fishing trip. But creating a sheath for the knife is not too complicated.

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How to Properly Fillet a Walleye?

#Removes fins, scales and intestines

First, the fish cleaning part plays a very important role in ensuring taste. If the fish is not preliminary processed, some types will have an unpleasant fishy smell.

First, you rinse the fish briefly through the water and then use the tip of the knife to beat the fish scales in the opposite direction, lightly hitting the fish from the tail to the head.

Then, you rinse the scales briefly through the water to clear the scales, check again to see if the scales have been cleaned. Next, you remove gills, fins and intestines, rinse with water to clean the blood.

#Remove the fish head

Using a very sharp fillet knife, place the knife on the contact between the fish head and the body and cut, not cut, but only until the blade touches the bone. You should skillfully cut it so that it is not too close to the head nor too far to get the most fish meat without sticking to the bones.


Place the tip of the knife right where you just cut it and slowly move the knife towards the fish’s tail and cut off the meat. You try to use force on the blade to press flat against the bones, this will help you get as much fish meat as possible.

Next, you flip the fish, fillet similar to the other side. Then, you cut off the measurement of the sides of the fish to make it more beautiful.

#Fish bone removed

To see where the fish is stuck to the bone, feel it directly with your hand. Where there is bone, you use tweezers to remove one by one.

At this step, you should be careful to completely remove the bones in the fish meat, ensuring the safety for the enjoyer, especially when preparing food for children.

#Cut into bite-sized pieces

Once the fillet is complete, your job now is to cut the fish into pieces according to the cooking requirements. After that, seasoning and processing.

How to Safely Use Fillet Knife for Walleye?

#Always secure a safe distance between your hand and the blade

When you are using a knife in the kitchen or doing anything with a knife, you must always keep a safe distance between your fingers, hands and the blade to ensure absolute safety for you and people around. When holding a knife, do not put your hand too close to the blade or do not have the habit of keeping your fingers on the knife wave or blade because it makes the knife less stable and easy to cut.

For the other hand, keep a distance and fix the material to be cut firmly. Need to put your hand away from the blade and then hold the ingredients with your fingertips.

#Use a cutting board when cutting and slicing

It is recommended to use cutting boards when cutting and slicing to ensure safety, when using cutting boards will ensure hygiene and materials are easy to avoid slipping. When slicing food, pay attention to lifting and lowering the knife smoothly and moving food slowly to avoid cutting by mistake.

#Regularly maintain and sharpen the knife

After a period of use, the knife may experience many conditions such as wear, dirt, and sharpness. This can result in incorrect slices executing and consuming user effort and time.

Therefore, always pay close attention to sharpening the knife with specialized tools such as knife glancing to maintain the sharpness of the knife.

Final Verdict

Choosing the fillet knife to clean the fish is not a complicated undertaking but for those who don’t have a lot of experience, they will most likely go wrong. So if you have no experience choosing a fillet knife for walleye, take the time to learn about it.

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