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Chicken: A Healthier Alternative To Pork

How to make healthy and simple chicken

Chicken has been widely lauded as a really healthy way of eating meat, and for good reason. Chicken is lean and contains almost no fat in contrast to heavier meats like beef or pork. Also, there are many different ways to prepare chicken easily and fuss free, and making it taste really good, as the meat naturally absorbs condiments and flavor through the cooking process. Of course it all depends on the way you prepare it, but chicken can serve you well if you are on a tighter budget, as well as if you plan on dining in a high class restaurant. The meat is just that versatile in this regard. And speaking of versatility, there is really now way to go wrong when preparing chicken and you can satisfy almost any type of taste buds that are in your family or among your friends.

Starting of slow, you can prepare a simple chicken soup, which requires only a couple of vegetables, like carrots, celery, an onion and parsley root, along with chicken thighs or breast. In particular, it is indispensable to have a soup pot to make your dish more convenient and faster. If you are on a really, really tight budget, you can also use remnants from a whole chicken, like the neck or parts of chicken bones to make your stock.

You can just cook this soup for about 1-2 hours and you got yourself a hearty, warming meal for any cold winter’s night, as well as the best cure for having a cold that the human race has invented so far. Nothing beats a flu better then an awesome bowl of chicken soup.

Chicken Soup – A Weapon Against Flu

But you can also go exotic and experiment with the meat all the way you want. A good example would be sweet sour chicken with pineapple, which gives the meat an awesome Asian flavor that just about anyone will love. All you need is a nice chicken breast that you will have to dice, soy sauce, some sugar, tomato sauce, a big red bell pepper and a can of pineapples. Pineapples are one of the healthiest fruits around.

Sweet Sour Chicken with Pineapple

You can use the liquid from the can to sweeten your sauce as well, instead of sugar. Just stir fry your diced chicken meat quickly on high heat, add in the sauce, the chunks of pineapple, mix well and serve with rice. The combination of chicken meat with sweet pineapple will blow everyone away on your table for sure and they will think you are a master chef. The secret here is once again the fact that chicken meat absorbs flavors so well. Also, make sure to use olive oil for cooking, to add an extremely healthy bonus to this meal.

Sweet Sour Chicken helps you become a master chef

Of course there are more traditional, but also, equally tasty ways to prepare healthy chicken. You can buy a whole chicken, for example, and fry in your oven, just like you would a turkey. And the same way, you have to prepare a stuffing first, which can be turkey stuffing, but you can go as simple as adding an apple or a lemon to your chicken, if you are on tight budget. Just let it roast for a couple of hours for succulent meat that will melt in your mouth. And the best thing with this method is, that the whole chicken has different styles of meat. However, cooking a turkey is no easy feat when roasted in the oven and tends to take at least three hours. Well, in the best turkey fryer, cooking times for turkeys can be brought down to as little as half an hour for a turkey as big as 12 pounds!

The breast is extremely lean and a bit chewy and can cater to some people’s tastes, while the thighs and wings will fall of the bone and provide mouth watering experiences for yourself and your guests. It all depends on taste. But the most important thing is, that frying your chicken in the oven, instead of, in oil, makes it very healthy as you avoid excess fats.


There are literally a thousand ways to prepare chicken the healthy and simple way, without spending hours in the kitchen and without much preparation. Just make sure that you avoid deep frying it in lots of oil, as that is by far one of the most unhealthy ways to prepare your food. If you want to add additional healthy ingredients to your chicken meal, combine it with steamed vegetables like broccoli, kale or spinach. The taste of chicken goes very well with vegetables. But once again, avoid french fries or anything fried in a lot of oil if you want to stay on the healthy side.

Regardless if you are on a diet, want to eat healthy or just want to cook up a quick, tasty meal, chicken should be your meat of choice. Besides being the cheapest type of meat available, it just tastes really good.

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